Scalefusion February 3rd, 2023 Release Notes 🙌

Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard: v42.0.0
  • Scalefusion Android Agent: v9.1.11-IC (926) / v9.1.11-PS (888)
  • Linux MDM Agent: v1.0.0+20230202122842

Release Notes:


  1. Remote Commands as Policy: IT admins can now configure Remote Commands as a part of Policy and use them to launch services or activities on app updates or reboots. With this you can achieve use-cases like launching an app immediately after device enrollment or after every update.
  2. Security Policies
    1. Unlock Security Settings: Increase the security of your device on unlocking by choosing to retain critical policies even when the policies are relaxed for support, specify time after which device should get auto-locked and more.
    2. Application Safety Controls: IT Admins will be given controls to ensure that the enterprise applications are automatically uninstalled when the device is deprovisioned.
  3. Policy Enhancements
    1. Samsung Knox
      1. SD Card Encryption: Users can be enforced to encrypt the SD card on Samsung Knox devices.
      2. Prevent Screenshot: Now you can prevent users from taking screenshots on Samsung Knox devices enrolled in legacy mode.
    2. EMM Devices
      1. Configure Support Messages: IT admins can configure long and/or short support messages that is displayed on the settings screen when user tries to access any functionality/feature that is blocked or restricted.
      2. Configure Work Profile wipe message: For BYO devices, configure message that is displayed to the user when the work profile is deleted from the device by admin.
      3. Block System Error Dialogs: You can prevent system errors from being shown to end users.
      4. Allow Floating Windows: Allow/Disallow floating app windows on supported devices.
      5. Change Time Format: If allowed, users can now change the time and also choose between 12 hrs. or 24 hrs format.
    3. General
      1. IT admins can allow users to clear app data of system apps from Scalefusion Home screen.

Linux MDM

  1. IT Admins can now enroll and manage their Linux (Debian based) devices from Scalefusion.

General Enhancements

  1. User Based Custom Properties/Tags: We have extended the custom properties/tags to Users. Now add custom properties' keys to your imported users and provide values.
  2. Custom properties in Custom Payloads: Make your custom payloads dynamic by using all the custom properties in them. You can easily deploy SCEP, VPN and other device or user level payloads by configuring them to use custom properties which can have different values per device or user.


  1. Admins & Roles: Our Resellers and partners get the ability to add admins to their reseller portal and easily manage their customers.
  2. Enhanced Filters: The filters allow you to,
    1. Filter subscriptions basing on expiry
    2. Associate custom billing periods based on your agreement with your customers and also filter them.
    3. Assign Customers to your ISV/MSP or Admins by quickly filtering the list.


Team Scalefusion

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