Enrolling Personal/Employee owned iOS device for users enforced to sign in via GSuite

This guide helps you to enroll your personal device to Scalefusion for GSuite users enforced to sign in via GSuite.

Before You Begin

  1. Make sure you have access to the corporate email.
  2. Make sure that your IT Admin has invited you to enroll to Scalefusion.
  3. GSuite users should have accounts registered with the respective Identity Service Provider
  4. The setting Enforce Users to sign in using GSuite is enabled in User Enrollment Settings on Scalefusion Dashboard

Steps to Enroll your Personal Device

  1. To start the enrollment process, depending on where you are checking your configuration email, use the appropriate option below,
    1. If you are viewing this e-mail on your iOS device to be enrolled, you can click on Enroll your Device
    2. If you are viewing this email on your laptop/desktop then on your iOS Device launch the Camera app and scan the QR Code
  2. Either of the steps above, will open Safari where you need to authenticate your e-mail address. Click Authenticate
  3. Next, user would be taken to the login page of GSuite where they have to complete login and further handling till authorization succeeds.
    Email will be pre-filled

  1. Once authenticated, accept the the Terms of Service set by your organization

  1. On the enrollment screen, click ENROLL.
  2. When you see a dialog to download the configuration profile, click ALLOW
  3. You get a confirmation box for downloaded profile
  4. Open Settings application and click on Profile Downloaded option

  1. Click on Install on the top right corner

  1. Now click on Install on the action menu

  1. Now the enrollment request is initiated and after a couple of seconds, one more confirmation will be asked for. Verify that the enrollment URL is https://scalefusion.com and Click Install.

  2. The device will show a warning, asking if you Trust this source. Verify Click Trust

  3. This will complete the enrollment process and your device is now managed. The applications and policies pushed by your IT Admin will start getting installed. Click Done to navigate back to home screen.

If you have any questions or are having issues enrolling your device, please leave us a message at [email protected] with your Device details and we will get in touch with you.

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