Sending Broadcast Messages to iOS Devices

Broadcasting Messages is a nifty and useful feature when you want to notify the users of some immediate action or event. It lets the user’s view all the messages sent till now by showing them a notification and allows them to refresh and see if there are new messages.

Before You Begin

  1. Make sure that you have SetUp MobiLock Pro.

Video Guide:

Please watch the video below to get a visual walkthrough.


On MobiLock Pro Dashboard

There are two ways to send broadcast messages to device.

From the Device Details View
  1. Login to MobiLock Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Devices section on the Dashboard.
  3. Click on the Device to which you want to send the message to.
  4. Click on the Gear icon.
  5. From the menu options, choose Send Message
  6. Type the message and click SEND.
From the Broadcast Message Section
  1. Login to MobiLock Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Messaging > Broadcast Message
  4. In the dialog type in your Message. Click NEXT
  5. Select the Devices or Groups where you want to send this message and Click SEND MESSAGE

On MobiLock Pro App Client

  1. The device will receive a Push and a notification will be shown.
  2. Launching the MobiLock Pro App and navigating to Messages section will show the message received.
  3. A user can anytime Pull to Refresh the client to see the new messages.

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