Remote File Management on Android Devices

Scalefusion's Remote Cast & Control now allows to download and/or upload files from your managed Android devices. The File Sync feature allows admin/ group admin to push a file from their laptop (system) to a connected device and/or pull a file from a connected device to their laptop even when you have not initiated a remote cast session.

This guide will explain how file transfer can be done.

Before you Begin

  1. Make sure that you have either an Enterprise Plan subscription or if you are IN-Trial then you have requested the access for this feature.
  2. A Scalefusion managed Android device (version 5.1 or above) with RemoteCast app version 3.4.4 installed and setup.


  1. From the Scalefusion dashboard, navigate to Remote Cast & Control and click on Start Session option for the device where you want to do a File Sync.

  1. A detailed Remote cast and control screen will be displayed. Here, click on Start File Sync button placed next to the 'Start Session' button

For unsupported RC versions, this button is visible but in a disabled state. When the user tries to click or mouses over on this button, it shows a tooltip which mentions that this device doesn't have a new RC version installed.
  1. This will establish connection with your device and show its File tree structure on the dashboard. Now you can transfer files to and from your device.
Once your device is connected the button changes to Stop File Sync

Upload a File:

To transfer files from your laptop onto your device, use Upload feature. Please follow these steps to do so:

  1. Click on the folder from which you want to transfer file. For eg. You want to transfer a picture on your device. Hence, click on Pictures folder and then click Upload
  1. Browse and select the file you want to transfer on your device
  2. The file will start reflecting on your device.

Download a File:

To transfer files from your device to your laptop, use Download feature. Please follow these steps to do so:

  1. Click on a file which you want to download from a device to a laptop. For eg. You want to download an image from your device's Screenshots folder to a laptop. Hence, click on Screenshots folder in the tree structure and then select the image to download. Then click Download.
  1. The file will start downloading on your laptop and will be placed inside Downloads folder.

Deleting a File

  1. To remove any file from your device, simply select the file and click Delete button
  1. You will get a confirmation box. Click Delete on it.
  2. The file will get removed from your device.

Do reach out to us on if you have any questions or are facing any issues during setup or usage of this feature.

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