Scalefusion Oct 7th, 2021 Release Notes 🙌

Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard: v33.0.1
  • Scalefusion Android Client: v8.1.0-IC(826)

Release Notes:

  1. Enrollment enhancements: For 6-time and ZT enrollments, admins can now configure the QR Code with the following additional features,
    1. Choose to Enable/disable default system apps that come with the OEM.
    2. Set the default language of the device. Please note, the language will be set as default if the device supports it.
    3. Set the default timezone for the device. Please note, the time zone will be reverted to automatic network provided time on certain devices.
    4. Admins can enforce a QR Code scanning at the end of enrollment to switch groups post enrollment. Please note that if you enable this then the end user has to Scan the QR Code post enrollment.
  2. Branding Enhancements: Customize the boot and shutdown animations on your Samsung devices that have Knox version 2.6 and above.
  3. Policy Enhancements:
    1. Set Location collection policies at a profile level and override the global settings. Allows you to have different location settings for each profile.
    2. Disable Autofill service. Please note that this is OEM specific and does not delete the already stored credentials. It prevents only new credentials from being stored.
    3. Prevent users from changing the Wallpaper in agent mode.
    4. Enforce a default language or allow the users to change the language on the managed devices that have the latest version of Wingman or are Knox supported.
    5. Allow users to toggle Flight Mode using custom notification centre on Lenovo, Wingman and Knox v2.7 and above devices.
    6. Control Automatic Power On/Off features on Samsung devices based on Qualcomm and LSI Chipsets. Power On can be controlled on Knox v2.6 and above and Power off on Knox v2.8 and above devices.
    7. In Agent mode, allow users to access Full Google Play Store and install any application without adding their personal account. Please note they cannot add/purchase paid applications.
    8. Admins can now enable the default OS status bar or notification bar in Kiosk mode as well. This setting is generally not required, but has been added to overcome/handle OS specific issues on certain devices.
    9. Admins can now configure APN settings with multiple APN types in a single APN configuration.
  4. Application Management:
    1. Configure the enterprise applications to be updated after a device reboot i.e the APK file would be downloaded but would be updated/installed only after the device reboots.
    2. Grant App Usage Stats, Overlay and Notification permission to enterprise apps on Wingman supported devices.
    3. We have added the version code along with the version name of Android apps.
  5. Device Level Actions and Information:
    1. Remotely Power off/shutdown your Samsung Knox version 2.8 and Lenovo devices that support Lenovo SDK.
    2. View and download the following additional meta-data of a device. Please note this information is synced every 6 hours.
      1. Battery, CPU and Screen Temperature
      2. RAM and CPU Usage
      3. SIM Network Type
    3. Admins can reset the password or factory reset the managed devices even when the device is currently on the Lock screen and connected. Please note that this feature is OEM dependent and may not work consistently on all OEMs.
  6. Developer API Enhancements: Third party approved apps can now perform the additional actions locally using the Content Provider APIs,
    1. Turn ON/OFF Hotspot
    2. Request an App Update/Install by providing the APK file path

The Team:

  • Development: Divya, Rajan, Ujwal, Nitin, Ganesan, Nishith, Lalit
  • QA: Manoj, Priyanka, Saili, Monali, Preeti, Viraj

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