Scalefusion May 30th, 2021 Release Notes πŸ™Œ

Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard:Β v27.9.0

Release Notes:

  1. App Catalog for iOS:
    1. Platform: iOS
    2. Description: App catalog lets IT Admins publish applications to the enrolled devices and make them available to end users for installation or update on demand. This can help in use-cases where IT Admins don't want to force update the applications or without user interaction.
      1. IT Admins can also choose the default publish behavior for a device profile, and set it to either Silently Install the applications or add to the App Catalog.
      2. IT Admins can override the install behavior for a particular app, where they can choose to force update an app install or update even though the default behavior is to add to catalog and vice-versa.

Please refer to our help document to learn how to use this feature

Please note for apps to be installed silently the devices need to be Supervised and the application must be either an Enterprise app or a VPP app.
  1. Publish Files in Sub-Folder to Additional Location
    1. Platform: Android
    2. Feature: Content Management
    3. Description: Scalefusion Content Management now allows files in folders or a sub-folder to be published to additional locations. These files will be downloaded to the primary location and a copy will be created in the additional location folder. This can help with use-cases where a file with same name but with different content has to be published from Dashboard to multiple device group(s).

The Team:
  • Development:Β Atul, Rajan
  • QA:Β Viraj
  • Help Docs: Shally

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