Installing Disk Image (DMG) Files

Disk Image files or popularly known as DMG files are a common format for application distribution in macOS. Though most enterprise applications offer a PKG format based installer making them easier to distribute remotely and via MDM solutions, there are quite a bit of applications that an organisation may require that are still in the DMG format.

Apple MDM protocol by default offers the ability to distribute Volume Purchase Program (VPP) applications and also applications of type PKG and Scalefusion supports both these methods. However if you are looking to distribute DMG applications using Scalefusion then we would recommend the following methods,

Method 1: Remotely Installing them via Scripts

This method can be used to install the application using a script which can be deployed easily via Scalefusion MDM Agent to all your devices. Please read our help document to use this method.

Method 2: Converting DMG files to PKG Files

This method requires you to convert the DMG file to a PKG file using your organizations Apple Developer Certificate and then distributing them via Scalefusion Enterprise store. Please use our help document to use this method.

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