Scalefusion August 31st, 2023 Release Notes πŸ™Œ

Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard:Β v46.7.0

Release Notes:

Mac PIN Enhancements

  1. Configure PIN on locking a macOS Device: Scalefusion now offers the capability to configure a 6-digit Mac PIN for macOS devices while locking a macOS device remotely. The device can only be unlocked using this PIN. At the same time, you can also configure a message and Phone number that appears on the PIN screen.
  2. Rotate Mac PIN: IT Admins can rotate the Mac PIN on every Lock of the device from Dashboard which means that once locked the device will ask for a PIN and each time it can be a new one. This way Admins get the control to share the PIN with the user with the assurance that it can be only used once. Rotate Mac PIN can be used while locking the devices in bulk from Devices, Device Groups or User Groups.
  3. Configure PIN on Factory Reset of macOS Device: On Intel based devices, now Admins can choose to configure a PIN when Factory Resetting the device remotely. The PIN is required to start reusing the device post Factory Reset.

Duplicate Devices Handling Enhancements

  1. Added Pagination in Duplicate Devices section.
  2. Consistency of logic and counts of duplicate devices which is based on IMEI No.
  3. Clean Up: Added a clean up button that removes the all the duplicates except the last enrolled device. The event is also audited in the Account Activity Report.
  4. Schedule Clean Up: We have also added a feature to schedule this clean up where admins can set the days and time to auto-clean up the duplicate devices. Please visit here for more details.


  • Team Scalefusion

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