Introduction to MobiLock MDM for iOS

MobiLock Pro is a Mobile Device Management solution that allows you to configure and remotely manage your iOS devices. Before you start exploring the MobiLock Pro solution, here is a run-down on the various features that we offer in our first version.

I. Technical Features

Supported Devices and OS Versions:

  • Support for iOS devices starting 9.3 - Start managing your devices that run a minimum of iOS 9.3.
  • Support for UnSupervised, Supervised and DEP Devices - Configure and Control policies on any kind of iOS device that you have, be it Unsupervised, Supervised or a device purchased under DEP program. Note that the level of Control that you get differs on a UnSupervised devices versus a Supervised device.

Enable/Disable Applications:

  • Whitelisting OR Blacklisting of Applications  - Gives you the ability to mark a set of applications as either whitelisted or blacklisted so that the device either allows strictly the whitelisted applications or allows all applications except the blacklisted ones.

Whitelisting Websites:

  • Whitelisting Websites/URLs - Gives you the ability to allow only the given set of URLs to be opened in Safari. Additionally, you can choose to create and place Shortcuts (Web-Clips) for these URLs on the iOS Home screen.

Custom Branding & Layout:

  • Branding - Gives you the ability to choose a Lock screen message for your devices and apply a Home screen and Lock Screen wallpaper.
  • Home Screen Layout - Gives you the ability to create multiple pages and/or order the icons on the iOS Home Screen. You can also arrange items on the Dock.

iOS Device Restrictions:

  • Restrictions - We have hand-picked the most frequently used Restrictions out of the total Restrictions that iOS offers. These are,
    • Single App Mode -  From the list of applications that you have allowed, choose one application run all the time.
    • Network Settings - Create a Wi-Fi configuration and enforce it to on your iOS devices.
    • Safari Settings - Control the settings related to Safari.
    • iCloud & SIRI Settings -  Control the basic iCloud Sync and Siri related settings.
    • Lock Screen Settings - Control the Lock screen experience by configuring these settings.
    • App Settings - Configure the Application level settings by allowing or restricting them.
    • General Settings - Control a set of generic utility settings.
  • Device Level Options - MobiLock Pro supports a wide variety of device level options that gives you granular control on the device,
    • You can remotely Lock/Unlock them, what this means is you can relax the Policies applied when you want and enforce those policies when you want.
    • Remotely View the 3rd party applications installed on the device.
    • Remotely Reboot the device.
    • Remotely Factory resets the device.
    • Mark the device as Lost, Play a Sound when in Lost mode and see the Location of the device in Lost mode.

II. Functional Features

  • Device Profiles - A powerful feature to group together all your settings and restrictions in one section and then apply to multiple devices.
  • Device Groups -  A useful feature to group your devices so that you can view them, take common actions on them at one go.
  • QR Code based Enrolment -  A quick and easy way to enrol your devices, either one or multiple devices. Create multiple QR Codes depending upon the kind of configuration that you want.
  • Apple Configurator 2 based Enrolment - A quick and easy way to bulk enrol devices using the URL’s that MobiLock Pro provides.
  • Manage your DEP Devices -  Configure MobiLock Pro to be your default MDM server and we can help manage your DEP devices right Out of the Box.
Please read our Getting Started guide on how to start managing your iOS devices.

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