Managing Company Owned Personally Enabled (COPE) Devices

With Work profile on Company-Owned (WPCO) devices, administrators can set up a work profile on corporate devices to secure and separate work data from personal data.

Also known as Company Owned personally enabled (COPE), it facilitates the use of company owned devices not only for the business use-cases but also for the employee’s personal usage such as accessing social sites, messaging, taking calls etc.

Supported OS

  • Android Devices with OS 11 or above are supported for COPE
  • Scalefusion Android Agent's latest version should be installed.

Enrollment Methods

  • Devices enrolled with 6-taps method, Zero Touch and KME enrollment method can be configured and enabled as COPE


For managing COPE devices, following configurations need to be completed from Scalefusion Dashboard before enrolling the device:

  1. BYOD Profile with COPE configurations
  2. QR Code Configurations specific to WPCO/COPE
  3. Add Users to whom invite will be sent, from User Management
  4. Update Organization Info and Terms of Use

Once the devices are enrolled as COPE, two separate profiles viz Work Profile and Personal Profile are created on the device. This is to make sure that the data from the work apps is separate from the personal apps and stored in separate encrypted storage. The work apps will start showing a briefcase icon indicating that they are work apps. Scalefusion client provides a unified Workplace, which can be used as a quick place to interact with the work apps.

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