Location Settings for Android Devices

The admins can configure Location Settings on Scalefusion dashboard which helps them in tracking locations of all Android devices.

This document explains settings that can be configured from dashboard for tracking locations of Scalefusion managed Android devices.

Configuring Location Settings

  1. Login to Scalefusion Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Location & GeoFencing > Location Settings.
  3. Following settings can be configured:
    1. Force GPS always On - When this setting is enabled, it enforces GPS to be always On, on Android devices.
    2. Enable/Disable Location Tracking - Enable this setting to turn on Location tracking and set other configurations.
    3. Location Mode - Choose mode for capturing location, from the following:
      1. Balanced - The accuracy level is about 100 meters
      2. High Accuracy - Captures location very close to accurate
        High Accuracy consumes more battery
    4. Location Tracking Mode - There are three modes for tracking Location:
      1. Basic
      2. High Accuracy
      3. Fleet Tracking
        These are accessible based on the plan you have purchased.
    5. Location Collection Frequency - Choose a frequency in which the locations should be synced with server and reflected on dashboard. Frequencies differ on the basis of the Location Tracking Mode you have chosen

      Tracking Mode

      Frequency (in Minutes)


      Choose one from the following:

      • 60
      • 30
      • 15

      High Accuracy

      Choose one from the following:

      • 10
      • 5
      • 3

      Fleet Tracking

      Choose one from the following:

      • 3
      • 2
      • 1
      If you are on Enterprise Plan, Location is tracked every minute. On a Non-Enterprise Plan (Business or Starter), Location tracking is based on Location collection frequency you have chosen.
    6. Location Sampling Frequency - The frequency at which Android Scalefusion client will query the on-device GPS provider for locations. Choose one from the following:
      1. High
      2. Medium
      3. Low (default)
        A High value would mean higher accuracy but more battery consumption
    7. Once you have chosen the configurations, click the button SAVE SETTINGS

The configurations get applied and accordingly the locations of devices can be viewed in Locations section as explained below.

Viewing Locations

  1. Login to Scalefusion Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Location & GeoFencing > Locations 
  3. This page will show you a Map with all of your devices pinned to their latest location.
  4. Click on each Device to view their location history.
    Location History of devices is reflected on the dashboard based on the plan you have purchased:
    Enterprise Plan: 90 days
    Business Plan: 30 days
    Starter Plan: 7 days

Google Maps API key

There is option to switch to Google Maps for all map related features if you wish so. Switching to Google Maps would require a Google Maps API Key which would require valid Gmail account and setup of Google Cloud Billing platform. To know more about how to use this feature, please click here

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