Enrolling a Personal / Employee Owned Device with Android Device Manager

Scalefusion now allows managing your fleet of Android Devices with Android Management APIs (AMAPI) which requires minimum user intervention and admin action. This document helps you to enroll your personal devices to Scalefusion with AMAPI and the policies/features that are supported under it.

Before You Begin

  1. Make sure you have access to the corporate email.
  2. Make sure that your IT Admin has invited you to enroll to Scalefusion.
  3. OS Configurations: Android OS 8.0 onwards
  4. On Scalefusion Dashboard,
    1. Android Enterprise setup is done with Android Device Manager.
    2. Organization Info and Terms of use are added.
    3. Users have been added from User Enrollment.
    4. Android Device Profile with BYOD as profile mode is created.
    5. QR code configuration for BYOD is created.

Steps to Enroll your Personal Device

  1. From the Invite email, click on Enroll Your Device or copy and paste the Url in the browser, on the device that has to be enrolled.
  2. The screen to confirm your registered email id will appear. Click on Confirm
  3. You must have received OTP on your registered email id. Enter the OTP and click Confirm
    GSuite / O365 / SAML users who have the setting Enforce Users to sign in using GSuite/O365/SAML SSO enabled in User Management on Dashboard, will be asked to authenticate by signing in with their GSuite/O365/SAML credentials.
  4. You will be taken to a Terms of Use page. These are the Terms of Use of your organization, read carefully and tap on Accept.
  5. On the next screen click on Enroll
  6. The initial screen to set up work profile will appear. Click Next
  7. On the next screen click Agree.
  8. The process of creating work profile will start. This may take few minutes.
  9. Once done, the device is enrolled in Scalefusion with two separate profiles, Work and Personal created on the device.
  10. Work is the container that has all your work apps for quick access. The work applications will contain briefcase icon.
  11. On Scalefusion Dashboard, under Devices > View Details and Full Device Information, notice that the Management Agent will reflect Android Device Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. From Scalefusion Dashboard, which device level actions can we perform for BYOD devices enrolled with Android Device Manager?
  • Change Device Name
  • View Full Device Information
  • Refresh Device
  • Set Custom properties
  • Delete Device
  • Lock Device

  1. Which features of Scalefusion are supported on BYOD devices enrolled with Android Device Manager (AMAPI)?
    It will take approximately 30 minutes for any changes to take effect and the updated status to be reflected on Scalefusion Dashboard.



    Application Management

    Play for Work Apps and Managed Configurations

    Global Settings

    WiFi Configurations (Device Profiles & Policies > All Configurations)

    Device Profiles & Policies > Passcode Policy

    Passcode Policy for Android

    BYOD Device Profile > Restrictions

    Device Settings:

    • All settings which do not have Scalefusion logo

    BYOD Device Profile > Restrictions

    Network & Location Settings:

    • VPN Settings
    • WiFi Settings

    BYOD Device Profile > Restrictions

    Device Management:

    • App Management Settings > Configure Application Installation Behavior > Google Play for Work App Installation Mode
    • App Management Settings > Configure Application Visibility in Managed Google Play Store
    • Work Profile Password
    • Device Level Password
      Set idle time to auto-lock will only work in work profile password and not in device or Profile level password section
    • Compliance > Rules for Android Device Manager Managed Devices

    BYOD Device Profile > Restrictions

    Configure Support Messages:

    • Long Support Message
    • Short Support Message


    • Device Inventory
    • App Version

If you have any questions or are having issues enrolling your device, please leave us a message at support@scalefusion.com with your Device details and we will get in touch with you.

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