Blueprints for Enrolling of Company Owned Devices

Apple Configurator 2 gives you the flexibility to make the devices Supervised and/or enroll them into DEP from your Mac machine. However if you have large number of devices, you might have to perform the same steps repeatedly all of them.

Although we cannot avoid connecting each device to the Mac machine and flashing them, we can group the steps required to make the device Supervised and/or enroll in DEP so that they can be reused.

This grouping of frequently used steps is achieved by Blueprints feature offered by Apple Configurator2.This document guides on how to create a Blueprint.

NOTERemember to take a backup of the device as flashing a Blueprint erases the device.

Before You Begin

  1. A valid MobiLock Pro account.
  2. A QR Code configuration created in MobiLock Pro dashboard.
  3. A Mac machine with Apple Configurator 2 installed.
  4. Optionally a device to try the newly created Blueprint.

Video Guide:

Please watch the video below to get a visual walkthrough.


  1. Login to Scalefusion Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Enrollment Configurations > QR Code Configurations.
  3. Expand the QR Code that you want to enroll your devices into and Copy the URL under iOS tab.
  4. Now launch Apple Configurator 2 on your Mac machine.
  5. Click on the Blueprints icon.

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