MobiLock January 24th Release πŸ™Œ

Version Information:

  • MobiLock Dashboard - v9.2.0
  • Eva client for Android - v3.1.0.2090 (44)

EVA Release Notes

  1. Enhanced App Security:
    1. Restricts the user to take screenshots of the app screen.
    2. Hides the screen content of the Eva app when the app is in the recently opened apps list by pressing Recent app button.
  2. EVA Communication Suite now provides the functionality to copy, edit and delete a chat message by long-pressing on a message. These functions are enabled by default. The Admin can choose to enable or disable any or all of these functionalities from the dashboard under EVA Communication Suite ➞ Settings.
  3. Admin can now choose to show or hide a contact number for the published contacts from the dashboard under EVA Communication Suite ➞ Phone ➞ Contact List. The default state is Enabled.

Development Team

EVA Communication Suite: Chetan, Martin, and Prashant.

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