IMEI / Serial Number based Enrollment

Scalefusion provides option of bulk enrollment of devices. IMEI / Serial # Based Enrollment is a quick and easy way for bulk enrollment of Android Enterprise devices. All you need to do is upload a CSV file containing IMEIs or Serial Numbers along with the group or profile and device names for each of them.

The document describes in detail how to enroll your device with this method.

Before You Begin

  1. Have a valid Scalefusion account
  2. The Android Device must be running Android 6.0 and higher and is Android Enterprise Ready
  3. On Devices, the standard Android OOB experience, that allows you to enter GMail account during device setup, should be followed.
IMEI/Serial # based enrollment does not work beyond Android 9 as Android does not allow reading of the Hardware IDs. Unless you are using a custom ROM or kitting the devices via adb this method won't work. Please use other Enrollment methods like 6-times tap, Zero-touch, Samsung KME or afw#mobilock. Please contact our support if there are any questions.

Enrolling Steps

On Dashboard

  1. Sign in to Scalefusion and navigate to Enrollment Configurations > IMEI Enrollment
  2. Click on “Download Sample CSV
  3. Open the downloaded sample CSV. It contains some sample data.
    If you have defined any custom fields, they will also be available here and you can enter values under them
  4. Remove the sample data and put the Serial no. of Android device(s) in the Serial_no and / or IMEI number of device(s) in the IMEI number column and Save.
    Enter other details like device profile, device name, device group, license code etc. if you have them. However, it is not mandatory to enter all these details.
  5. Now, on the Dashboard, click Upload CSV button (next to Download sample CSV)
  6. This opens a box where you need to browse for the file that you just saved in #4
  7. The details (IMEI number etc.) you entered in the csv file will start reflecting on the dashboard. This indicates that the details entered are correct.
You can still enter device group, profile name, license etc. To do so, click on Edit on the right side which will open a small box where you can enter all other details.

On the Device

  1. Install Scalefusion on your Android device
  3. A new box will open with number of options. Here, tap Auto Enroll
  4. You may see this screen. Click Agree
  5. It will start validating your device as per details uploaded in csv file. Once validated, you will be asked to enter a name for your device. Enter a name and tap Submit
  6. You can add this device to a Device Group. Tap Skip if you do not want to add a device group.
  7. All Device profiles will be listed. You can select a device profile which you wish to apply on your device or tap Skip if you do not want to.
  8. Next, you will get to the Permissions screen. Complete the Setup (Grant all the permissions to the Scalefusion app)

  1. All the apps and other settings setup through device profile (if selected), will show up on your device. See screenshot for an example
  1. On your Scalefusion Dashboard, in Devices section, you will see a green lock icon next to the device if the setup is properly complete.

Also, on IMEI / Serial # Based Enrollment on dashboard, the Status changes to Enrolled

Your device is enrolled now.

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