Using 6 taps setup & Scan QR Code to enroll Android Corporate Owned device

Android Enterprise devices offer a quick and easy way to enroll your devices right when they are unboxed or after a factory reset, in the form of six-taps and scanning a QR Code. This method of enrollment, downloads the Scalefusion application, sets the app as Device Owner (EMM managed) and performs the Sign-In automatically leaving only the permissions step to be completed.

Let's look in detail how to enroll your device with this method.

Before You Begin

  1. The Android Device must be running Android 7.0 and higher and is android Android Enterprise Ready
  2. Devices are fresh out of the box(Without any account setup) or are factory reset.
  3. On these Devices, the standard Android OOB experience, that allows you to enter GMail account during device setup, need not be followed.
  4. Create a QR Code configuration as described here.

Enrolling Steps

  1. Power On the device.
  2. When you see the screen that asks you to select Language, tap anywhere on the screen "6" times in the same spot and wait.

  1. Next, you will be prompted for QR code setup for setting up the device. Click 'Next'

  1. Connect the device to Wi-Fi
  2. Once connected, it will check for updates and install QR Reader

  1. As soon as QR reader is installed, you will be prompted to scan QR code. You can scan a QR Code that you have created on Scalefusion Dashboard.

After scanning the QR code, Scalefusion app installation process will begin.

To create a QR Code configuration refer this document.

  1. You will get a prompt to Set up your device. On this, click 'Accept & Continue'

  1. This will start setting up your work device

  1. Complete the Setup (Grant all the permissions to the Scalefusion app).

  1. All the apps setup through device profile, will show up on your device. See screenshot for an example

  1. On your Scalefusion Dashboard, you will see a Briefcase icon next to the device if the setup is properly complete.

Your device is enrolled now.

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