Broadcast is a type of channel in Oneteam through which you can send a common message to a set of users. You can compose and broadcast a message to all the subscribers (chosen by admin) of the channel. The subscribers can view as well as reply (if allowed) to a broadcast message.

This feature is quite useful wherever admins want to send a common message or make an important announcement to a mass of people. For example, an IT Admin, who wants to inform all users that they need to install a security patch on their devices or a company's HR has to inform all the employees that a particular HR policy is updated. In this case, the HR Admin can broadcast a message along with an updated policy file which briefs about the changes in the policy.

With Oneteam's broadcast channel, you can even schedule a broadcast message for a later time, view and download reports of message status info, replies of a broadcast message, all in pdf format, and perform many other functions.

This document describes how to broadcast messaging is done via Oneteam and explains other features.

Before You Begin

  1. You should be signed up on Oneteam.

Setting up a Broadcast channel

  1. Visit and login with your account.
  2. Navigate to the Broadcast tab on the left panel.
  3. Click on the button Add Channel
  4. This will open the Add Broadcast Channel dialog box. Here enter the following:
    1. Channel Name - Any name you want to give to this channel
    2. Description - Here you can enter a short description about the channel
    3. Click NEXT
  5. A new dialog box comes. Here, select users who you want to add as subscribers to the channel and click Next.
    All admins (Group Admin, Device Admin, Co-owner, or any user role), will be listed here.
  1. Add Broadcasters - Out of the subscribers, select the users whom you want to give the right of the broadcasting message(s) and click CREATE
  2. The channel gets created and is available in the list of Broadcast channels.

All the users who have been selected by the admin become subscribers of this channel.

Additional Actions on a Broadcast Channel

Any Broadcast channel's details can be seen by clicking on it from the list of channels. You can perform following actions on a broadcast channel:

  1. Edit: The name and description of the channel can be edited. Click on the edit icon in front of the channel name. This opens a small window. Edit the name and description and click Save.
  2. Add Subscribers: Add more subscribers to this channel. Clicking on this opens the same dialog box where you can select more users to be included in this channel.
  3. Remove Subscribers: All those who have already subscribed to the channel will be listed and admin can remove the subscribers. Click on the three vertical dots in front of the subscriber name and select Remove. A confirmation box will come up. Click DELETE if you are sure to remove the user from the subscriber list.
  4. Revoke/Make Broadcaster: Channel's subscriber can be made a broadcaster or his broadcasting rights can be revoked with this option. Click on the three vertical dots in front of the subscriber name and choose the required option.
    A subscriber who has broadcasting rights has Broadcast written in front of his name which indicates he/she is a broadcaster.
  5. Deactivate: A broadcast channel can be deactivated with this option. When you deactivate a channel, the broadcast conversation gets removed from the devices till the time you activate the channel again. A channel once deactivated can always be activated again. A channel can be deactivated from the Edit Channel window. To deactivate, enable the button De-activate Channel and click SAVE.
    A deactivated channel is grayed out in the channel list indicating that it is deactivated
  1. Delete: The channel can be deleted. Once deleted, it gets permanently removed from the devices of all the subscribers as well as from the dashboard. On the page where all Broadcast channels are listed, click on the three vertical dots in front of the channel name and select Delete. A confirmation box will come up. Click DELETE if you are sure to delete the broadcast channel.

Broadcasting a message

  1. Visit and login with your account.
  2. Navigate to the Chat tab on the left panel.

  1. This opens a new window. Click on the Broadcast tab. Here the broadcast channels are listed which he has been subscribed to.
  2. A subscriber can send a broadcast message only if he has been made broadcaster by the admin. To broadcast a message, select the broadcast channel, compose the message in the right side area and click on Send button.
    A subscriber can also respond if he/she is allowed to reply (allowed by another subscriber who is a broadcaster)

Messaging Features

  1. Plain text message as well as media messages (Audio, Image, Any File) can be sent.
a. Image or any other file can be sent through the attachment icon on the top.
b. To send an audio message, click on the Mic button at the bottom
  1. Text editor: Text editing features are available through which admin can make the text bold, underline, italicize as well as use other features with the help of Rich Text Editor.
  2. Preview: Before sending the message, there is an option to preview it. When you type your message, a preview button appears next to the send button. Clicking on it opens its preview and you can see how the message will look like once you send it. This way you can edit the message (if required).

Actions on Broadcast Messages

When a message is broadcasted, following actions can be performed on it. These can be accessed by clicking on the down arrow over the message and selecting the option as per requirement (shown in the screenshot below):

These actions can be performed by the subscriber over the messages sent by him/her
Basic Actions
  • Reply: Allows you to reply to the message
  • Info: This basically shows the message sent status, that is, a message delivered, undelivered, read by, etc. All this information is shown in a small window that opens over the message area. This way admin can know the current status of his broadcast.
  • View Replies: View the replies you have received on any particular broadcast message you have sent
  • Edit: The message content can be edited. Click on Edit and the message will again show up in the text area where you can edit and resend it.
  • Copy: Copies the message. If you want to send the same message to another broadcast channel, you can utilise this feature
  • Delete: Deletes the message altogether.
'Edit' and 'Copy' options are available only in case of a text message

The details on View Replies and Info can be downloaded as reports in pdf format. To download the report, in View Replies window click on the cloud icon and it will download all the information in a pdf. This way you can refer to it later also to see who all have replied to the broadcast message.

Similarly, in the Info window click on the cloud icon and all the information (message delivered, read by, remaining, etc.) will get downloaded in pdf. This way you have a hands-on view regarding your broadcasted message like who all has the message been delivered to, who all have read the message etc.

Allow Reply

With allow reply enabled, the subscribers of the broadcast channel are allowed to reply to a broadcasted message, otherwise they can only view the message.

This reply is received and viewed only by the channel's broadcasters. The other subscribers cannot view each other's replies.

Allow Reply feature can be enabled or disabled only from Oneteam Web application's messenger window. It cannot be done from a device

Broadcast Chat Window contents

Scheduling a Broadcast Message

If a broadcaster wants to send a message at a later point of time, he can schedule a broadcast message and it will be delivered at the scheduled time.

To schedule:

  1. From the list of channels, select the Broadcast channel on which you want to schedule your message
  2. In the text area, compose the message which has to be broadcasted
  3. Click on the Schedule Broadcast Message icon on the top right of the channel window
  4. This opens a new screen. Here, select the Start Date, Time, and Frequency
    1. Start Date: The starting date from which message should be broadcasted
    2. Time: Set the exact time at which message should be delivered
    3. Frequency: Select how frequently the message should be delivered. The following options are available:
      • Once
      • Every Hour
      • Daily
      • On Every Weekday
      • Weekly
      • Monthly
  1. Select End Date: The date till which the scheduled broadcast should be sent.
  2. Click on the Send button.
  3. The Broadcast message gets scheduled.
    A Broadcast message can be edited and canceled with Edit and Cancel buttons (shown in screenshot below)

On the Device

Whenever a broadcast message is sent by the admin, for the receiver it flashes on the top of the Oneteam application on his device. You can read the message from here also.

  • OK: Closes this flash message window
  • SHOW: Leads you to the Broadcast channel area and shows this message under the Broadcast channel on which the admin has sent this message.

Alternatively, the message is also displayed under the Broadcast tab, in the specific Broadcast channel on which it is being sent by the admin.

A user can reply to a broadcast message from the device only when he is allowed to reply by the broadcaster by enabling Allow Reply from Oneteam's web application

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