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Device Profiles are a quick and easy way to group the common set of policies and then apply them to multiple devices. An changes o edits to the Device Profile are applied to all the devices without any further steps.

In MobiLock Pro, minimum of one Apple Device Profile is mandatory to manage your iOS devices. Without a Device Profile, you cannot apply any policies to the device. You can create as many Device Profiles as you want and depending upon your organisation structure.

We had covered the basics of Device Profile in our Create a Device Profile document. In this guide, we are going to look at the various features offered in Device Profile in detail.

Before You Begin

  1. Learn how to Create a Device Profile.

For ease of reading, we have divided this guide into four sub-topics, vis-a-vis the four options that you see when you Create or Edit a Apple Device Profile.

Select Apps

This section allows you to whitelist or blacklist a set of applications. This is a powerful feature that lets you control the visibility of applications on your Supervised devices. Please read more on How to Whitelist or Blacklist Applications.

Whitelisting Websites

Whitelisting of websites gives you the flexibility to allow only certain websites to be functional on your iOS devices. Additionally, you can choose to place shortcuts (Web-clips) for the whitelisted websites and choose to open them in full screen. The document Whitelisting Websites - iOS covers this in detail and also explains how they can be applied to a Device Profile.


Branding gives you a mechanism to set a Home and/or Lock Screen wallpaper. It also allows you to set a Lock screen message. We have covered the details in our Branding guide.


A collection of various restrictions that you can apply on a iOS device. The options include on how to set one app to run always, configure Network settings, configure iCloud, Safari, Siri, Application Settings and some General Settings. Please read our guide on How to configure Restrictions to learn more.

Adding or Removing Devices from a Profile

Once you have the Device Profile created you can add devices to it so that the policies are applied to the device. You can remove the devices if you would like to move the device to a different profile. Please read our guide on How to Add or Remove Devices from a Profile.

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