Eva Reports

The Eva reports provide a summarized view of the activities performed on Eva Communication Suite. This document gives a description of Eva Reports.

Who can access

The reports are tied up to the plan that a customer purchases. If Eva Communication Suite is enabled on the user's account, then Eva reports will be accessible by him/her.

In this series, we have the following report:

Eva Call History

The Eva Call History report provides a record of all the calls dialed and/or received through Eva application, as Eva application has functionality for VoIP as well as Sim (Phone) calling.


The Eva Call History report is available for Android devices

How to access

  1. Sign in to Scalefusion Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Reports & Workflows > Reports
  3. Click on Eva Call History report
  4. After clicking on Eva Call History, select filters:



Date Range

Select the date range. By default, you can generate one month's report where default is today's date

Show Report For

Two options here:

  • Devices: Lets you select a particular device for which you want to check call history. All managed devices are listed.
  • Device Groups: Lets you select a device group and shows call history of devices under that device group

Report Output

Show report for Devices

Once you select a device, a tabular list of call details is shown:

  • Username: User's display name. In the case of SIM call, the contact number displays under username.
  • Call Time: Date and Time when the call is placed or received
  • Call Type: Type of call, that is, whether it is "Incoming", or "Outgoing"
  • Duration: Total time duration of all the calls done from that device
Show report for Device Groups

Once you select a device group, a tabular list with following details is shown:

  • Device Name: Name of the device which is part of device group
  • No. of SIM calls: Total number of sim calls dialled from and received on the device
  • Total Duration: Total time duration of all the calls done from that device
If you click on the device name, you get the same call history details that you get when you select devices in filters.

Additional Features

  1. Download - The report can be downloaded in CSV format from 'Download as CSV' button.

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