Scalefusion December 26th, 2019 Release Notes ๐Ÿ™Œ

Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard: v16.0.1
  • Eva Android Client: v4.0.0.2131-52

Release Notes:

  1. Added the support of Channel functionality.
    1. There are 3 types of channels as Public channels, Closed channels & Pre-defined channels.
    2. Public Channels: These channel are created by Admin. This is an public channel visible to any user within an account who has Scalefusion and Eva app installed on their device. Users can subscribe to this channel if they want to.
    3. Closed Channels: These channel are created by Admin. While creating a closed channel, Admin needs to add the devices and/or admins. Hence, this channel is accessible only to the devices and/or admins added in this channel by admin. A user can neither join nor leave this channel at his own will.
    4. Pre-defined Channels: In addition to Public and Close channels, there are also channels that are automatically created based on the device groups available in a user's account. For Example, if account has a device group as โ€œSalesโ€, then one Channel will get auto created in that account with the same name (i.e. Sales). These Channels will be auto published on the devices which are part of this device group.
  2. Bug fixes

The Team:

  • Engineering:ย Rizvan, Amey, Abhijit, Prashant
  • QA:ย Vishal

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