Image file transfer with Eva Messenger

Eva Messenger component provides Chat & Voice Call (VoIP) functionality between administrators and devices on field. In this document we will see how to initiate a chat & send a Image file from dashboard.

Before You Begin

  1. Make sure you have the Eva Communication Suite enabled for your account.
  2. All the devices have been updated to Eva Client v3.4.0.2116
  3. Eva Client has been setup on Devices

How to Send a Image file:

  1. Sign In to Scalefusion Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Eva Communication Suite > Messenger OR click on the EVA button at the top of the dashboard, as shown below:
  3. You would see a pop-up window on the screen with 2 tabs as All Contacts and Active Chats. Click on the All Contacts tab.
  4. Select the contact/device that you want to chat with. On the right side of the window, you will see a chat view. At top-right of chat view, there is a Attachment icon.
  5. Click on Attachment icon & it will show a image file chooser window as shown below
  6. Select the image & click on the 'Open' button. It will show an image preview screen as shown below. This screen is used to see a preview of the selected image. Here Admin can set the image caption. Note, image caption is an optional part. Click on the Send button to send the selected image to the recipient. The back button (Back arrow) shown on the top-left corner is used to discard the selected image and go back to the image selection window.
  7. The sent image will be displayed as below:
  8. For the sent image file, the status will be indicated as below:
    1. Single tick indicates that Image file is delivered to server.
    2. Double tick (grey color) indicates that Image file is delivered to recipient side.
    3. Double tick (blue color) indicates that Image file is seen by the recipient.
  9. Eva Android app offers a setting for the auto-download of images from the server. Users can choose to auto-download the received images only if the device is connected to the WiFi or choose to auto-download the received images on any network. Default is WiFi only.
  10. Eva Android app offers the image selection from the device's camera as well as from the device's gallery. User can launch Camera (or open the Gallery), capture the image (select the image), confirm in preview & add the caption for the image in preview screen (it is optional) & send the image.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does this feature require the devices to be connected to the internet?

Answer: The internet is required on the dashboard side. On the device side, the message can be recorded without the internet. But the internet connection will be required to send the recorded message to the server.

Question: How do I know whether the Image file is delivered to recipient device.

Answer: This can be identified using the sent message status indicator. For more details about status indicator, please refer to the point 8.

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