Configure Permissions for Android Applications

The controls are set on the apps which can be accessed from the Google Play store. Any application running on the device requires runtime permissions and this can be incorporated through permission settings. The permission policy is silently set for work apps when permission is requested.

There are two types of permission settings: Global level and Application level. An admin can control granting permissions on all the devices. All the applications can be tracked and get status on those adopted and installed applications. For the Work Managed devices, you can manage the Grant state for these permissions at a Global Level or App level.

Steps for Permissions at Global Level

To manage permissions at Global level,

  1. In Scalefusion Dashboard click Application Management > Play for Work Apps.
  2. Click SEARCH & ADD in PLAY FOR WORK APPS tab.
  3. Click Set Global App Permissions. The system displays below dialog box as shown below.
                                            Runtime Permission Settings
  4. Select one of the options as per requirement.
  5. Allow User to choose: End-user can view a prompt.
  6. Grant: Permissions are granted by default.
  7. Deny: Permissions are denied.
  8. Note: App- level permissions can override this setting.
  9. Click SAVE.

Steps for Permissions at Application Level

  1. In MobilLock Pro Dashboard click Enterprise > My Apps.
  2. Click SEARCH & ADD in PLAY FOR WORK APPS tab.
  3. Click the application which needs the permissions to be set.
  4. Click PERMISSIONS at the right-hand panel.
  5. The system displays selection panel of App Runtime Permissions Settings as shown in the image below.
  6. App Runtime Permission Settings
  7. Note: If the permissions are denied at Global Level then changes at App-Level will not have impacts.
  8. Click SAVE.
  9. Tip: You can set permissions from two different locations:
  • When you click on the application and click Permissions.
  • Right- hand application panel which appears when you select the app.

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