Windows - Agent Based Enrollment

A Windows shell provides an interface that allows users to communicate with Windows Operating System typically containing desktop, taskbar, system tray, start menu etc.

Now with having your devices enrolled through Scalefusion MDM Agent and multi-app kiosk mode applied as device policy, you can get the same Windows shell experience on Scalefusion Managed Windows devices, hence giving flexibility to users giving a more customized user interface and extend device management capability to Windows OS 7 and 8.1 as well.

Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and 11 devices (Company owned and BYOD) can be enrolled with Scalefusion MDM Agent. This document describes the process of enrollment of devices with Scalefusion MDM agent.

Windows 10 and above devices can also be enrolled using other methods of enrollment.
The preferred method of enrolling Windows 10 and above devices is via Modern management which automatically configures the agent.

Before You Begin

  1. Make sure to have a valid Scalefusion Dashboard account.
  2. Create a Windows Device Profile
  3. Create an Enrollment Configuration for Company Owned Devices
  4. Supported OS and architectures - Windows OS 7, 8.1, 10, 11 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems

Overview of the Enrollment Flow

  • Step 1: Admin sends the invite to User or to Self
  • Step 2: User downloads the MDM agent from a URL
  • Step 3: User installs the agent application
  • Step 4: User launches Scalefusion and enrolls the device

Detailed steps to enroll device

Step 1: Download Scalefusion MDM Agent application file

Note: The screenshots are from Windows OS 8 device
  1. From the invite, copy the URL to download windows agent, paste it on your browser and run it.
  2. You will get the page to download Scalefusion MDM agent.
    1. For Windows 7 & 8.1, download and install dependencies first.
    2. For Windows 10 & 11, directly go to download Scalefusion Agent.
  3. The MDM agent application (.msi file) will start downloading on your machine.

Step 2: Install Scalefusion MDM Agent application

  1. When download is complete, double-click on the .msi file to install. It should be there in downloads folder.
    If you get a Windows Protected your PC warning message, click on Run anyway to proceed.
  2. You will get MDM agent setup wizard. Click on Install button to begin installation.
  3. Follow the instructions to install Scalefusion MDM agent on your device.
  4. Click on Finish to complete the installation.
  5. Once installed, Scalefusion MDM agent will appear on your desktop.

Step 3: Enroll Device

  1. Double-click on Scalefusion MDM agent application on desktop. This will open a new window.
  2. Select the enrollment method and enter details accordingly. There are three ways to enroll:
    1. Enroll using URL and Code: Enter the enrollment URL and code as given in invite email. It is also available in Enrollment Configurations.
    2. Enroll using Email and ORG-ID: Enter your email id and Org-ID (available in Organization Info on Dashboard).
    3. Enroll using Serial Number: If you choose this option, your device's serial number is automatically picked up. The device serial number should be existing in the CSV which is uploaded in IMEI serial no. enrollment section.
  3. Click Enroll

  1. The details will be verified and you will get the following confirmation window which reflects status of enrollment and other necessary details.
  2. The device is enrolled through Scalefusion MDM agent. You can now apply Scalefusion MDM agent based policies on devices to get a shell view.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does a managed shell device look like?
    A typical Scalefusion managed Windows shell device's desktop looks like this.
    Note: The screenshot provided here is a sample based on applications and other settings configured by the user. They will differ based on what you have selected.
  2. What policies can be applied through Scalefusion MDM agent application?
Any policy applicable through Scalefusion MDM agent mode can be identified by a Scalefusion icon next to it.

  1. My device is managed under shell. Can I exit from it?

The ways to exit from managed shell, are:

  • Delete device from Devices section in Scalefusion Dashboard.
  • Apply Skip Application policy on the Windows Device profile which is applied on your device.
  • Configure Start Layout Settings in Device profile.

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