Scalefusion July 19th, 2023 Release Notes 🙌

Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard: v46.1.0
  • Scalefusion Android agent: v11.0.7

Release Notes:

  1. Work Profile on Company Owned devices (WPCO/COPE): All new management mode to help provide your employers the best experience of using a company owned phone and ensuring that your corporate data is completely secure.
  2. Essential Bring Your Own Device: Want to implement a quick but secure BYO solution, we have you covered. Using Android Enterprise’s native device manager app and a URL you can start deployment of your BYO solution.
  3. Hello Moto OEM Config: Say hello to new features on Motorola devices using Motorola’s OEM Config app. Apply Boot or Shutdown animation, and configure Scalefusion Remote Control to provide unattended access and control.
  4. Generic Enhancements:
    1. Auto-granting permissions to RemoteControl app on Wingman supported devices.
    2. IT Admins can now force GPS OFF in Agent Mode as well thereby preventing users from turning on location services.


  • Team Scalefusion

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