Introduction to Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME)

Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) allows IT Admins to streamline provisioning and management of multiple Samsung devices. KME provides a variety of features, the most important one being the ability to enforce a management client like Scalefusion to be installed OTA and automating certain enrollment steps. This ensures that if the user uninstalls the Scalefusion application, they are forced to install it again, thereby providing a more secure experience of Corporate devices.

For ease of setup this document has been divided into two sections, please follow the links for further reading. For a detailed guide and other features please refer to Samsung's documentation here.

Creating MDM Profiles for Samsung KME

The first step to start managing your Samsung devices via KME is to create MDM Profiles in the KME portal. Please follow the document here to create a MDM Profile.

Managing Samsung Devices via KME

Once you have created the MDM Profiles, you can start enrolling your devices. Please follow the document here to enroll your KME supported Samsung devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why do we have to complete the EMM setup to use Samsung KME Program?

Answer: Samsung works closely with Android Enterprise program and the Device Owner profile type helps you leverage the EMM features apart from the Knox features.

Question: The devices that we procured from a reseller do not appear in Samsung KME portal?

Answer: Please contact your reseller to make sure that they have uploaded the list.

Question: Scalefusion app is not downloaded on the devices that we procured from a reseller?

Answer: Please make sure that you have assigned a MDM Profile to the devices uploaded by the reseller. Please follow the guide here to assign a profile once you have created the MDM Profile.

Question: We see an error that the Device is not supported when trying to enroll the device using Knox Deployment Program?

Answer: This can happen for the following reasons,

  • Knox Version: The device does not support the minimum Knox version required. At the time of writing the minimum version was Knox 2.4. Please make sure that the OS and Firmware is updated and try again.
  • Conflicting Device & KME Region: This may happen if the device that you are enrolling does not belong to the region where you have the KME account. So if you have purchased a device in LATAM/NorthAm region then you would require access to US KME portal, similar for devices procured in RoW you would require the normal KME portal access.

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