General FAQs

  1. What is the URL to access Scalefusion Dashboard?

You can use the URL to access Dashboard. Previously we were using but due to certain changes internally, the URL has been changed. Hence, users trying to use will be redirected to

  1. What is the Devices section?

Devices section shows you all the devices that you have enrolled in your account, their status i.e. Locked, Unlocked or Inactive alongwith important information like location, IMEI number and more. For more details click here

  1. How frequently are the device details updated on Scalefusion dashboard?
  • We send API calls to the devices after specific intervals which then reflects the latest information on the dashboard.
  • The server pings the device every hour to update the battery status of the devices.
  • Location API calls are made according to the location configuration set on the dashboard.
  1. Is there an ability to export data from Scalefusion console containing Device information like IMEI#, OS version etc.

Navigate to Devices section on the Dashboard and click on the three dots menu(at the top right corner). There are two options:

  • Download Complete CSV - Gives complete report in CSV
  • Download Custom CSV - You can select the options for which you want information in the csv
  1. What does inactive device mean?

Device may be inactive because of the following reasons:

  • Device lost connection to the Internet for say 6 hours or more.
  • Device is dicharged completely and thus is not connected to Internet.
  • Device is unlocked for more than 6 hours.
  1. How many devices can I enroll during the trial period?

There is no limit on the number of devices you can enroll. You can enroll as many devices as you may need to.

  1. Can we reorganize app icon order?

To do so,

  • Navigate to Device profile and Policies > Device Profiles
  • Edit the device profile and go to Select Brand/ App Order.
  • On the device preview drag the app icons to reorder and arrange as per your requirements.
  • Click on Update profile. The apps on the device will show up in the same order as you have set.
  1. Where will I receive the invoice for the purchase made?

Invoice will be sent to Scalefusion account owner's email id within 24 hours of realization of the payment at our end. You can see the history of your payments in the Manage Licenses section >> Invoices on the dashboard.

Invoice would be available for all new and previous purchases where payment is done through our payment gateway. For licences where payment is received through other means like bank transfer, invoice will not reflect on the console.
  1. After purchasing license, why am I not able to view devices that were setup during the trial period?

Once a License is purchased with Scalefusion the Devices that have been added during the trial period will cease to appear on the Dashboard. This is because on a Licensed Account, you need to have Licenses Applied to your Devices and only then the devices will appear and can be managed with Scalefusion. To know how to apply License to your devices, please visit here

  1. How to remove license from the existing devices and apply to the new active device?

To remove license,

  • Navigate to Admin Panel > Manage License section.
  • Click on the license name and select the device(s) from the list
  • Click on Remove License.

To apply the license on new device,

  • Click on the Apply License button(at the top right corner)
  • From the list select the new devices you have registered
  • Click on the Apply button (at the bottom right corner on the window).
    To know more about how to apply License to your devices, Click here
  1. How to enable/disable Bluetooth inside Scalefusion app?
  • On Scalefusion Dashboard, navigate to Application Management > Scalefusion Apps.
  • Click on Mobilock Bluetooth Manager. In the right side window, click on Publish button.
  • Select Devices/Device Profiles/Device Groups and click on the Publish button (at the top right). 
  • On the device, Scalefusion Bluetooth Manager app will appear. You can turn the Bluetooth on/off by enabling/disabling the toggle button(at the top right corner inside the Bluetooth app). 
  1. How to change Scalefusion account owner's email address?

You can do so by sending us an email request at [email protected]. Please make sure that the email should come from the existing Scalefusion account owner's email address. Kindly share the reason for the change and the name of the new contact person in the email so we can fulfil the request at the earliest.

  1. How can I give ability to users to connect their devices to the available WiFi networks?

For devices which are part of a device profile:

  • On Scalefusion Dashboard, navigate to Device Profiles & Policies > Device Profiles
  • Click on the Edit Profile button (pen icon at the top right corner).
  • Go to Restrictions > Wi-Fi Settings. Here, Enable 'Allow User To Access Wi-Fi Menu Inside the App and Allow User to Connect/Disconnect from the Wi-Fi Network
  • Click on the Update Profile button (at the top right) 

For the devices which do not have any device profile applied on them or are not part of any device groups (Orphan devices):

  • Navigate to Device Profiles & Policies > All Configurations > Wifi Settings
  • Here, turn on the Radio button Allow users to access WiFi connection inside the app and Allow User to Connect/Disconnect from the Wi-Fi Network option.

This will enable the WiFi option inside the three dots menu for the user to turn the WiFi On/Off and to see and switch between the available WiFi networks.

  1. How to restrict devices to a specific WiFi?

This can be done by creating a Wifi Configuration from Wifi Settings on dashboard (Device Profiles & Policies > All Configurations > Wifi Settings) and pushing the configuration to the desired Device group/Device Profile or Devices. To learn about how to create a Wifi configuration and other details, please click here.

  1. What is Remote Cast and Control feature?

Remote cast and Control feature lets you remotely view and control the device from the Dashboard. You can also take screenshots, record the session, have an Audio call with the end user and perform more functions. To learn more, please click here

  1. How can I setup the Remote Cast app on the devices?

To set up Remote Cast & Control, please visit the following links :

  1. What is Wingman app/APK?

Wingman is an app developed by Scalefusion which supports Silent installations, remote reboot and also makes the devices compatible with Remote control.

WingMan is a special companion app for Scalefusion, available only for the devices where we have an OEM partnership. This partnership allows us to sign the application using the system certificate or use proprietary SDK's, that allows Scalefusion to perform some enhanced actions.

  1. What does geo-fence do? Does it simply log if a device leaves a particular area, but not block the devices from working outside?

With Geofence, admins can define a geo based location which when applied on device(s), sends an email notification every time the device is out of the specified geofence area. However, it doesn't block the device from working.

  1. What is a Sim Swap? Would it detect if the sim tray was opened and the same sim has been reinserted?

When a sim card has been taken out of the device and put back it is defined as a sim swap. It can be the same sim or a different one. Only the sim tray being opened is the event that can be tracked.

  1. For sim swap is there anyway of identifying if it is a different sim? Would there be a way of taking a picture of someone attempting a sim swap like on failed unlocks?

There is no way to know if the same sim was inserted again or a different one. There is no option to take a picture in case of the sim swap.

  1. What is device group?

Device Grouping is an exceptionally useful functional feature that can be used to group devices that belong to same organizational unit or classroom. It allows you to perform multiple actions like rebooting all the devices at once or refreshing the devices. This link will help you understand all of it.

  1. With regards to location of a device, how often does it refresh?

The location of the device updates on the Map after every 30-60 seconds. You can view the Map on the Dashboard from the Locations section. Click here for more information.

  1. Is there any way to get a list of all the devices which are unlicensed?
  • On Scalefusion Dashboard, navigate to Devices
  • On View filter select Unlicensed

Alternate method:

  • Navigate to Admin Panel > Manage licenses section
  • Click on Download icon at the top right corner and click on Download unlicensed devices in CSV
  1. Can we factory reset Scalefusion managed devices remotely?

Yes. To do so,

  • On Dashboard, navigate to Devices section on the dashboard
  • Click on View Details (under the listed device)
  • Click on the Gear icon(at the top right)
  • Scroll down the menu and the click on Factory Reset button.
Kindly use this with caution as it erases all the data from the device
  1. What is Content Management feature?

Scalefusion's Content Management is one of the frequently used add-ons. It helps you distribute your enterprise content in a safe and secure manner to your Scalefusion managed devices. It can also be used to run presentations and screensavers on devices. To know more about Content Management, please click here

  1. How to move devices from one group to another?
  • On Scalefusion Dashboard, navigate to Groups > Device Groups
  • Click on View Details of the Device Group from which devices have to be moved
  • Scroll down and under Devices select the device(s) and click on the button Move Devices to another group.
  • In the box, select the target device group name(s) and click on Done
  1. What is the usage of nudge option?

Nudge command updates the last seen status of the device which have been inactive and not synced with the dashboard after being connected to the internet. Nudge can be accessed from Utilities section on the dashboard.

  1. In the context of app publishing what do different status mean?
  • Published : When the app is published from the dashboard to the Device profile /Device Group /Device(s) then the status will reflect as Published 
  • Download Completed : After the app is published, it starts downloading on the device and you can see a download progressing until the app is fully downloaded . Once the app is downloaded it appears with a red exclamation mark. This status is Download Completed.
  • Installed : When the downloaded is completed and the app icon is displayed in an red exclamation mark , then click on the app icon and you will be prompted to install the app. Once the app is installed, the status will reflect as installed.
  1. Can I have more than one geofence for a device/device group?

Yes, you can apply multiple geofences on specific devices/device groups.

  1. How would you create digital signage with your product?

By using Scalefusion's Presentation mode feature you can easily publish, update the content of digital signage. To learn how to create please visit this link

  1. How much data does Scalefusion use on average?

Scalefusion utilizes 70-80MB monthly. It can vary according to the policies and restrictions that have been applied on the device.

  1. Is there a setting to pre-configure a WiFi connection including the password?
  • Navigate to Device Profiles & Policies > All Configurations > Wifi Settings
  • Click on Create New, select the platform for which the configuration has to be created
  • Enter the details and save
  1. Where are Scalefusion servers hosted?

Our servers are based out of multiple locations. As we are using the cloud services. Our provider is digital oceans. Data is stored and backed up at AWS Ireland. Servers are in Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

  1. I have a colleague on Scalefusion who wants to enable 2FA via email instead of google authenticator. Can I set his account preferences to be different from other members in my organization?

This can only be possible if the person is on a co-account manager role.

  1. I have a problem while setting Chrome in Incognito mode, can someone help?

The incognito mode for chrome browser cannot be enforced on the devices. Google Chrome's Incognito mode does not work as expected, it's a known issue. We already raised this with Google however they haven't suggested any workaround yet.

  1. I have made a few changes to the device profile but when I hit update Profile on the last screen, it is not proceeding past the screen or processing the update.

It seems you have the Last passcode extension enabled on the Chrome browser. Please disable it once, try to update the profile and then you can turn it back on again if needed. You can keep it enabled all the time. It causes problems only when you want to update the device profile because the dashboard cannot read the passcode for the device profile prior to updating it.

  1. For how long does the free trial on Scalefusion last?

The free trial is for 14 days only. Post that you need to buy licenses and apply them to your devices or you will not be able to see the devices on the dashboard.

  1. How to delete a device from the Scalefusion Dashboard?
  • Navigate to Devices section.
  • Select the device (to be deleted) by clicking the checkbox besides device name.
  • This populates the Action menu on filter bar. In the action menu pull-down, select Delete Devices.
  • For confirmation, enter your Dashboard login password.
  • Once done, the device will get deleted.
  1. Can I remotely disable the native password screen from the console?

The native lock screen can only be disabled from the device. Navigate to Device settings > Security > Set Screen lock as none

  1. Scalefusion is blocking the use of view PDFs in one of our apps on our devices? How do I enable the ability to view pdf files?

Please check if there is any PDF viewer app(s) available on the device. If not, please enable Google Drive which is a default app on all the Android devices and it should start working. If there is any other PDF viewer app installed on the device already, you can enable the respective app from the device profile.

  1. Is there a way to push an app to an orphan device (device which is not a part of any device group or profile)?

Yes. This can be done for all apps pushed from Application Management section. To do so,

  • Navigate to Application Management
  • Select the app and click on Publish
  • Select the devices under Devices tab and click on Publish button.
  1. How to create duplicate device profile? I need to create new profiles. Is there a way to clone current profiles?

Yes. There is an option to COPY DEVICE PROFILE in the Device Profiles and Policies > Device profile. This option allows you to copy the same device profile and to save it with a different name or settings.

  1. Does Scalefusion have an option to limit Data?

We do not have the capability to limit the data usage on the devices. However, we do have a workflow that you can set to be alerted or notified if and when a device crosses a set limit of Cellular data usage. You can use the Data Usage workflow. To know more about it, please visit this link

  1. How do I update Scalefusion app on a group of devices?
  • Navigate to Application Management
  • In Scalefusion Apps, click on Publish button under the Scalefusion app
  • On the right side panel, Click on Publish button
  • Select Devices/Device Groups/Devices Profiles and click Publish
  1. After the license expires, will the access be blocked? Is there anything I can access without a license?

After the licenses have expired, the devices will stop showing up on the dashboard and you will not be able to make any changes or send any commands to the devices. So, without a valid license, you won't be able to manage your devices. This is not applicable when you are in the free trial period.

  1. Can we add a contact to the phone remotely?

Yes. This can be done via Eva Communication Suite.

  1. Is it possible to copy a device group?

This is not really available as a feature. However, you can copy the device profile and then create a new group and set the copied profile to the same group.

  1. Can geofence be applied for specific timeframes?

Yes. This can be achieved through Switch Profile Workflow. Visit here to know how to apply switch profile workflow.

  1. Once a license is purchased, can it be used across all the platforms (Android, IOS, Windows 10 and Mac OS)?

Yes, it can be used across any of the platforms.

  1. For how many days does Scalefusion store location history?

Location history is available based on the plan you have subscribed for:

  • Starter - 7 days
  • Business - 30 days
  • Enterprise - 90 days
  1. Can I send files with Eva?

Yes. You can share various file extensions using Eva to the devices. To know more click here.

  1. Can we get geofence alerts?

Geofence alerts can be created through Geofence compliance alerts. Click here to know more.

  1. How do you set a geofence perimeter?

You can either drag the points on the map to set up a custom perimeter or you can enter the Radius in meters on the page. Geofence radius cannot be less than 100 meters.

  1. How do I set up a locked phone so it only can call certain numbers?

This can be done by creating contact lists in Eva Communication Suite. To learn how to create contact list, please click here

  1. In Devices section, what do the colours red, green and grey mean on the lock icon?
  • Red - device is not locked with Scalefusion.
  • Green - device is locked with Scalefusion and is active.
  • Grey - device is locked with Scalefusion but is not active or not connected with internet or battery is drained.
  1. I just tried to nudge an inactive device but nothing happened. How does nudge work? When a device is switched off, will it not switch on with nudge command?

Nudge works if the device is on and connected to the internet but is not reporting to the server about the device vitals and stats. However, if the device is turned off and you try to nudge it, it won't turn the device on.

  1. How do I move an existing device from an expired license to another active one?

This can be done from Licenses section. Please click here to learn how to move devices

  1. I forgot my six digit pin code. How can I reset it?

It seems you have signed in with your O365 or Gsuite account and hence you must have set a 6-digit pin. Please reach out to Support team by clicking on the live chat icon (at the bottom right corner) and request to reset the pin. Also, you can request to reset pin by sending an email to [email protected]

  1. Can we get an email alert to know when a device is about to discharge?

We have Battery compliance workflow which sends an alert with a broadcast message to connect the device to the charger once the device is below certain percentage and the same email is sent to the account owner. To set up Battery compliance workflow, please visit here

  1. How do I lock the device from the Scalefusion dashboard?

This can be done in following ways:

  • Devices section: Click on View Details. On the gear icon click Lock device
  • Utilities Section: Click on Lock/Unlock Devices. Select the device(s) to be locked and click on Lock button on top
  1. How can I see my other devices that do not have a license yet?

On Scalefusion Dashboard, navigate to Devices section. Click on View filter and select Unlicensed Devices.

  1. How to add an admin to a device group?
  • For this, you need to have an admin added to your account already. To learn how to add admin, please click here
  • Now Navigate to Device Groups
  • Click on the View Details button (under the listed group)
  • Click on Add New button (below the group name). Select the preconfigured admin and click on the Submit button. 
  1. Which minimum OS version does Scalefusion support for each platform?

Operating System



v4.1 and above


iOS 10 & above


macOS 10.13 & above


  • Windows 7 & 8.1 - With Scalefusion MDM agent
  • Windows 10 & 11

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