Scalefusion August 3rd, 2023 Release Notes πŸ™Œ

Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard:Β v46.4.0
  • Remote Support for Windows: v4.0.14.0

Release Notes:

  1. Remote Cast & Control Enhancements in Windows: We now support a wide set of shortcut keys (Windows + *, Ctrl + *, Alt + *) that can be used during a remote session, right from the Dashboard using the action bar.
  2. Quickly Move Devices Across Groups
    1. Move via CSV: Now admins can simply upload the IMEI/Serial and the New group name to move devices across groups rather than downloading the entire list first. This can be used to move all types of Company Owned Devices.
    2. Developer API: Introduced new API that lets IT admins move 500 devices in one go either via device_id, IMEI or Serial#
  3. Inactivity Compliance Enhancements
    1. Inactivity Compliance has been extended to Group based inactivity. Each group can have one at the maximum and one at a global level.
    2. It is extended to Linux devices as well.
  4. Device Availability Calculation: There is a fundamental change in the way device inactivity is calculated. Inactive duration is now calculated and shown from the time when the device was actually inactive.


  • Team Scalefusion

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