Overview of Device Enrollment

Scalefusion provides easy methods to enroll iOS devices that help you quickly manage the iOS devices. We support both corporate device and personal/employee owned devices to be enrolled. However since both the scenarios are different, here is a primer on how Scalefusion handles these management types on iOS. The two deployment/enrollment scenarios are described below with links to understand them better.

Supervised vs Non-Supervised iOS Devices

Supervision is a technique by which an MDM can provide complete control and management options on iOS devices.While on a non-Supervised device, the management options are limited, but mostly focus on security of corporate data.

A device can be Supervised in two ways,

  • Use Apple Configurator tool to factory reset and supervise the device.
  • Purchase the devices from an authorized Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) device reseller.

In most cases, organizations that own the iOS devices use Supervision mode, where as Employee owned devices are in non-Supervision mode. Scalefusion offers ways to manage both Supervised and non-Supervised devices, however it also gives you the flexibility to either create a Corporate Device Enrollment configuration or Invite your Employees to enroll their devices. The features however are controlled by the Super-visioning state of the device.

Company Owned Device Management

This deployment scenario is useful when you want to enroll your organization owned iOS devices and are not concerned about "who" is using it, meaning you don't want to associate a user with it. In this method, you can generate a QR Code and quickly enroll as many devices as you want. Click on the links below to manage this type of enrollment,

User/Employee Device Management

This deployment scenario is useful when you want to suggest your employees to enroll their devices to access corporate data OR want a sort of user-association with corporate device management. In this method, you add your user email ids to Scalefusion Dashboard, invite them to enroll and the employee or the user completes the rest of the steps. Learn Invite Users to enroll Employee/User Owned Device.

Corporate vs User/Employee Enrollment

In terms of features, they are purely dependent on if the device is Supervised or not. The enrollment method does not control the features available except the following which are prohibited in User Enrollment due to privacy concerns,

  • Reboot Device: Scalefusion restricts the IT Admins to reboot devices that are enrolled via User Invites.
  • Factory Reset Device: Scalefusion restricts restricts the IT Admins to factory restrict devices that are enrolled via User Invites.
  • View your Users Applications: Scalefusion restricts restricts the IT Admins view the applications installed by Users on devices that are enrolled via User Invites.

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