Apple iOS Known Issues

This section covers some of the Known issues and behaviour that we have come across on the iOS devices.

App Removal setting does not Work

We have observed that if you have a Home Screen layout set in the Device Profile then the allowing App Removal does not work. That is even when the user is allowed to remove applications, they are not able to remove applications.

Wrong value for Battery Percentage

iOS has a known issue that the correct battery percentage is not provided to the MDM server.

Wallpaper gets reset or distorted on Reboot

On iOS devices when a wallpaper is pushed via MDM, we have seen that it sometimes gets distorted on a device restart.

Single App Mode Does Not Receive App specific Push

The App specific Push Notifications that are sent to the device (for example a new message in WhatsApp or Email) do-not work when the application is set in Single App Mode. This has been a known issue on some iOS versions 11.0, 11.1, 11.2 . It has not been observed in 10.x and 11.3 onwards. 

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