MobiLock November 29th Release πŸ™Œ

Version Information

  • MobiLock Dashboard - v8.1.0
  • Eva client for Android - v3.0.0.2080 (42)

Release Notes

  1. Added support for Single App Mode (SAM) for Windows10 devices. You can now convert your Windows10 device into a kiosk by setting it for single app usage. Refer our user guide to know more.
  2. Introducing Two Way Chat in Eva Communication Suite. Read our quick start guide to enable two way chat.
    1. We have added two way messaging and call capability in the EVA Communication Suite. The feature is limited to devices/users in the same device group can chat with each other.
    2. Added EVA display name functionality, that allows you to set display names to the devices from the dashboard. End users can also set their display names using the Eva client.

Development Team

Windows Single App Mode: Ashwini, Harish, and Kalpesh.

EVA Communication Suite: Arockiaraj Martin, Chetan, Harsh, and Prashant.

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