Silent App Installation

For corporate owned devices, Silent Application Installation becomes an important feature. This allows you to make sure that the devices all have the applications that you want them to with user interaction.

For iOS devices, Silent installation is possible via two mechanisms,

  1. Purchasing & Distributing applications through Apple VPP Program - If your organization has enrolled to Apple VPP program then you can use Scalefusion to silently install both free and paid applications. You can read more about it in How to Setup VPP guide.
  2. Silent Installation of non-VPP Applications - If your organization is not enrolled to VPP program then silent installation is possible only on Supervised devices.  This document explains how to enable silent installation if your organization is not a part of Apple VPP program. Please read on further as we explain how to achieve this for Supervised devices.
Please note Enterprise Apps does not require an iTunes account on the device and will always be installed silently.

Video Guide:

Please watch the video below to get a visual walkthrough.

Configuring iTunes Account

Distributing the applications from iTunes store would require a valid iTunes account to be configured on the device. If iTunes account is not configured, then the first application is published from Apple App Store from Scalefusion Dashboard, the users would see a dialog to configure the iTunes Account.

Configuring iTunes Settings

  • For silent installations to happen for all Free applications, please follow the below steps on the iOS Device,
  1. Open Settings on iOS device.
  2. Click on iTunes Account that you just configured.
  3. On this screen, click on iTunes & App Store.
  4. Now click on Password Settings.
  5. Select either Always Require or Require After 15 Minutes - This is for paid content, and not applicable for Free apps.
  6. By doing Step e above the option to Enable/Disable Require Password will be enabled. Disable the Require Password option.

By doing the steps above, you will be able to silently install the applications. Please watch the video below for a visual walkthrough.

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