Scalefusion February 20th, 2023 Release Notes 🙌

Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard: v42.1.0
  • Scalefusion MDM Agent for Windows: v8.0.0

Release Notes:

  1. Third Party App Patches & Updates: Now use Scalefusion MDM agent to manage the third party patches right from the Dashboard. Start by configuring the patch settings by following our help document here.
  2. Introducing SF Deployer: Use Scalefusion Deployer app to package the Scalefusion MDM Agent and generate a custom installer that can be installed even in non-admin/standard user there by allowing IT teams to easily enroll their Windows devices already in the field. Refer to our help document here to use Scalefusion Deployer and generate your custom MDM installer.
  3. Agent Driven Modern Management Enrollment: Use Scalefusion MDM agent to enroll the devices and also have them enrolled to modern management by simply configuring Auto-Enroll to Modern Management in Device profile. Please refer to our updated Enrollment guide here to understand the deployment use-cases and guidelines.
    1. Agent Driven Migration (Beta): If you are looking to migrate from your existing MDM and are finding it hard, then you can use our Scalefusion MDM agent and configure the profile settings so that post enrollment using agent the device will be migrated to Scalefusion completely by removing the earlier MDM's modern management.


  • Developers: Amit, Ashish, Bhushan, Shubham, Vikas
  • QA: Abhishek, Ankush, Sagar

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