Scalefusion July 7th, 2022 Release Notes πŸ™Œ

Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard:Β v38.2.0

Release Notes:

  1. Dynamic Groups: Add Automation Rules to the groups so that the devices are moved to them automatically.
  2. New User Interface for the Groups which gives you a lot more information and better organization.
  3. Group Based App Publish for Enterprise Apps and for Enterprise Customers: Enterprise customers can choose to now publish to Groups instead of profiles. This is applicable only to Enterprise Apps and Device Groups only.
  4. Ability to upload Lower or Same version of Enterprise Apps: Admins can now upload lower or same version of apps.

The Team

  • Development: Ajay Anarse, Tejashree Dhole, Shubham Gadiya, Amrata Pathak, Shashank Jallapelli, Rajan Prajapati, Shubham Dhakad, Mohit Barad, Ujwal Patil
  • QA: Saili Chavan, Manoj Sutar, Chandana Tirumalareddy, Preeti Verma, Sagar Lasurkar, Abhishek Pal, Viraj Kulkarni, Monali Ahire

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