Getting Started with Shell Scripts & Custom Payloads

Shell Scripts

Scalefusion offers support to remotely deploy and execute Shell scripts. Shell scripts are a great way to automate the management of systems and let IT Admins perform various actions remotely from Scalefusion console. We have created a library of frequently used scripts that IT Admins can use to create the scripts as per their needs and deploy from Scalefusion portal on their managed macOS devices. Click on the script title to load the related help document.

1. Some of the scripts and their contents are sourced from internet and various help documents of different vendors.
2. Please validate the scripts on a test machine before deploying them on all your managed devices.
3. Scalefusion has tested these scripts, however Scalefusion will not be responsible for any loss of data or system malfunction that may arise due to the usage of these scripts.

Script Title


Install DMG Files

Helps IT Admins install DMG files remotely via Shell scripts.

Manage Users and Passwords on Mac devices

Use this script to remotely add a user on the managed macOS device.

Set Wallpaper on macOS device

User this script to download and set an image as a wallpaper image on macOS devices.

Installing SophosInstaller on Macbook

Helps the IT Admins to install the SophosInstaller on their Scalefusion-managed Mac devices.

Allow Network Pane for Standard user

Helps IT Admin to allow Standard users access to Network Pane without Admin password.

Manage Folder Access

Helps IT Admins control user's access to Desktop, Documents, and Downloads folder.

Custom Setting Payloads

Apple MDM protocol offers various payloads to control different policies on the device. These policy payloads or configuration profiles are used by MDM providers like Scalefusion to provide device management capabilities. However, there are quite a lot of payloads that control various settings and policies on the device. Since it is practically impossible to include support for all payloads by providing a form or a UI, Scalefusion provides advanced IT Admins the option of creating their own custom payloads and pushing them to the devices via Scalefusion.

By using the Custom Settings feature of a Scalefusion macOS Profile, IT Admins can use a top-notch plist editor and push an MDM payload supported by Apple directly to the devices.

Payload Title


Disable Find My Mac on macOS devices

Helps the IT Admins to disable the "Find My Mac" option on Mac devices.

Change Time Server in Mac devices

Helps IT Admins to set up a Time Server on their Mac devices.

Set Safari homepage URL

Helps IT Admins to set up a homepage URL on Safari.

Auto-assign permissions for Sophos software

Helps IT Admins to auto-assign permissions for Sophos software.

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