Enrolling organization with MobiLock EMM

Before we start accessing all EMM features for your enterprise purpose enroll your Enterprise with MobiLock Pro. We recommend using a Gmail account for accessing internal content and features. Android for Work (AFW) provides an efficient execution enrolling and managing your corporate-owned devices.

You may have easy access to all the corporate-owned devices with the integration of MobiLock Pro with AFW. You can search and publish applications from Google Play Store on your AFW managed devices. The application can have restrictions on accessibility through the MobiLock Pro Dashboard.

Enrolling Steps
  1. Login to MobiLock Pro Dashboard and navigate Device Enrollment > Android for Work Setup.
  2. Click REQUEST ACCESS. The system displays a form as shown below.
  3. Enter Name, Email, Company Name, Country Code, Phone Number, and click REQUEST ACCESS.
  5. Click   and insert the Gmail id, then, click Get Started.
  6. In Organization details form insert Organization name and select MobiLock Pro agreement checkbox.
  7. Click Confirm and then click Complete Registration on Setup Complete message box.

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