Android for Work setup with MobiLock EMM

Before we start accessing all EMM features for your enterprise purpose, enroll your Enterprise with MobiLock Pro. We recommend using a separate corporate Gmail account for accessing internal content and features. Android for Work (AFW) provides an efficient execution enrolling and managing your corporate-owned devices.

Android for Work setup is a common step for managing both corporate owned and employee owned devices. Once setup, this gives you the flexibility to search and publish applications from Google Play Store, manage application configurations remotely and control a bunch of other security features.

Follow the steps below to complete the Android for Work Setup.

Before You Begin

  1. Sign In to MobiLock Dashboard
  2. You will need one GMail id (a non GSuite). We suggest creating a new GMail id for setting up Android for Work.

Visual Guide

A quick two minute video that guides you the process of Android for Work setup.

Enrolling Steps

  1. Login to MobiLock Pro Dashboard and navigate to Mission Control > Android for Work Setup.
  2. Click CONFIGURE ANDROID FOR WORK. You will be redirected to Google Play page.
  3. On the Google Play page, click SIGN IN. Use the GMail id and complete the sign-in process. If you are already signed with your own gmail id, sign out and sign in with the corporate gmail id.
  4. Once you are signed-in, you will be redirected to a page with an option of GET STARTED. Click on GET STARTED and complete the registration process.
  5. Once the setup is complete, you will be redirected to MobiLock Dashboard, this time with the message that Android for Work is activated.

That is it, now you are ready to start using MobiLock to manage your corporate and employee owned devices. Refer to our Corporate Device Management guide or Employee Owned Device Management guide for further steps.

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