Android Enterprise (Android for Work ) setup with Scalefusion EMM

Android Enterprise or formerly Android for Work is a Google-led initiative to bring the best of Android management features to enterprise using Android Enterprise devices.

Android Enterprise was earlier called as Android for Work and hence you would see the words Android Enterprise and Android for Work used interchangeably. Also sometimes it is abbreviated as AE or AfW or AFW.

With Android Enterprise setup, you can access all the advanced management EMM features that Scalefusion offers both on Company Owned devices and Employee Owned devices. Some of the features of using Android Enterprise setup are,

  • A simple OOB Experience. Install Scalefusion right when you are unboxing your device.
  • Silent Install/Uninstall on devices with Android OS greater than 6.0, irrespective of the make/model of device.
  • Search And Publish applications from Google Play Store on your AfW managed devices.
  • Configure per-app Restrictions/Permissions from dashboard.
  • Enforce password policies on your devices.
  • Use Android Zero-touch Enrollment

Before we start accessing all Android Enterprise features for your devices, we need to bind your organisation with Scalefusion. Hence, we need to do Android Enterprise Setup. The Setup can be performed in two ways:

Android Enterprise Setup with Gmail

To learn how to do Android Enterprise Setup with Gmail, please click here

Android Enterprise Setup with GSuite

To learn how to do Android Enterprise Setup with GSuite, please click here

Once setup is done, you are ready to start using Scalefusion to manage your corporate and employee owned devices. Refer to our Company Owned Device Management guide or Employee Owned Device Management guide for further steps.

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