OS Update

This section explains to ensure that all devices are permitted by your policies. These policies include basic security settings which allow setting a passcode. Some of the precautions allow setting password strength to ensure that devices are safe.

OS Update

The security settings for the device are controlled by the Work Managed devices. The OS or System update activity is applied. This would allow doing a factory reset, booting device in safe mode, USB accessibility, and System Update Policy is set.

Secure Setting Steps
  1. In MobilLock Pro Dashboard click Enterprise > Secure Settings.
  2. Click GLOBAL SETTINGS or Settings below Actions column. The system displays Settings panel in which you can enable or disable required access which is shown in below image.  
  3. Enable or disable Security and device connecting options via USB access.
  4. In System Update Policy Settings section select one option.

Following table describes all settings for OS Update in Enterprise > Secure Settings.




Allow user to do a factory reset

You can do the factory reset.

Allow user to boot device in safe mode

You can boot the device in safe mode.

Allow unknown sources

Allow user to connect device via USB Access

Allow user to connect device via USB Access

You can connect the device using USB and access.

Allow user to connect USB in debuggable mode

You can connect the device using USB and access.

System Update Policy Settings


No effect.


Postpones the update.

Automatic install update

Automatically installs the update.

Install with maintenance window

Selecting a time during the day to install the updates.

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