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When you sign up for a Scalefusion account, you get a 14 days free trial period to access the dashboard. After the trial period is over, your dashboard will disable most of the device-related features. To continue using these features after the free trial period, you have to purchase a license. A license is a 16-digit key that helps you to organize your devices on your dashboard. There is no limit to number of licenses you can purchase. To know more about our purchase plans, visit our Pricing page.

You can also purchase add-on license on top of your existing device license. 

Before You Begin

✅ Login to your dashboard.

✅ You must have an active Scalefusion license in your dashboard.

Applying a License to Devices

Once you have purchased the licenses, you have to apply them on your devices. This will help you to easily organize your devices. The ways in which you can apply license to your device, are:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard
  • QR- code based enrollment
  • Device

Let's look into details of each.

Scalefusion Dashboard

Follow these steps to apply the license on your devices through Scalefusion Dashboard:

  1. From your dashboard, go to Manage Licenses. This page will display a list of all the purchased licenses.

  1. Click on the license under which you want to add your devices. Click Apply License

  1. A window will appear containing a list of devices enrolled in your dashboard. Select the device(s) which you want to add under this license and click Apply

The licensed devices will appear under the Provisioned On Devices pane on the right side. You can also check the Provisioned Devices section under your license details pane to check the number of devices on which the license has been applied.

QR code-based enrollment

Alternatively, you can also apply the license on your device while creating a QR code-based device enrollment configuration or IMEI based enrollment. Click on the License tab and select the license from the drop-down list.


Follow these steps to apply the license on your device while enrolling it:

  1. Start the Scalefusion app.
  2. Tap on Enroll
  1. Choose a device profile and tap on License Key.

  1. Enter the 16-digit license key in the space provided and tap on Verify License.

The license will be applied to your device. You can continue with the device setup once the device is enrolled under the license.

Buy New License

If you wish to buy a new license, simply click on the button Buy New License on the main page.

A new page will open from which you can choose the plan as per your requirement.

  1. All you need to do is select a plan from the list of plans

  1. In the Pricing Calculator (placed below list of plans), enter the number of devices to manage. Once you enter number of devices, it will calculate and show you the total price. Click Purchase and proceed for payment.

  1. You can also customise your own plan. To do so, contact Sales Team by clicking on the button Contact Sales Team at the bottom of the page

Add-on Licenses

Scalefusion also provides various add-on plans. These add-on plans can be purchased from the dashboard.

Follow these steps to purchase the add-on plans:

  1. Click on Buy New License.

  1. In the next screen, you will see the Add-On plans. Following add-on plans are available:
  • Enterprise Store: This plan gives you an additional 200MB of storage space for your enterprise apps. You can upload your enterprise apps to a limit of 200MB. 
  • Content Management: This plan gives you an additional 200 MB of storage space to upload your files in the Content Management section.
  1. Choose any one by clicking on it. The pricing for the plan will be reflected below it and the Pricing Calculator on the left will calculate and show the final price.
  2. Click Purchase and proceed for payment.

Other Features

Scalefusion dashboard provides you various features with which you can manage your license(s):

  • Add/Edit License name
  • Move Devices
  • Remove Licenses
  • Export All Licenses in CSV
  • Download Unlicensed Devices in CSV
  • View Invoices

Add/Edit License Name

It allows you to change the display name of your license. 

Follow these steps to change the display name of your license:

  1. Click on the three vertical dots in the right corner and select Edit License Name.

  1. A new window will open. Here, enter display name and click Save.

The changed license name will start displaying.

Move Device

It allows you to move your devices (under one license) under another license. 

Note: Your devices must be enrolled with a license.

Follow these steps to move a device:

  1. On the main page, click on the license under which you want to move your device.

  1. Click on Move Device.
  1. A window will appear with a list of devices enrolled in your dashboard.

  1. Select the devices and click Move.

Your device will move under another license.

Remove license

It allows you to remove license from your device. 

Follow these steps to remove license from your devices:

  1. Click on a license and select the devices you want to remove.
  2. Click on Remove License.
  1.  Click OK on the confirmation window.

The devices will be released from the current license.

Export All Licenses as CSV

You can export all licenses and download Unlicensed devices in CSV format. This can be done by clicking on the down arrow button on the main page. This will give both options and you can perform the export as well as download.


You can view and download invoices of purchased licenses, from this section. Click on the button Invoices. You will get a new page and you can view as well as download invoices from here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I have just purchased the license and now cannot see my enrolled devices. Will the devices unlock and lose all their configurations?

Answer: Devices will neither be unlocked nor lose configurations. You need to apply the license to your device to be able to see it. To apply license to your device, click here

Question: Why is the Apply License button not active?

Answer: It will be active once you have a device added under your license.

Question: I need to purchase additional device licences - when it asks for the number - is it the additional number or the total number of devices including the ones in orignal licences?

Answer: It is the additional number of devices you need to enter

Question: I just made a payment to renew the license. Do I need to "apply" the license or are we good to go?

Answer: No you do not need to apply the license again.

Question: Are the licenses available for every device group or only for groups on which it is applied?

Answer: License are not associated with a device group. They are only associated with individual device or devices.

Question: I am getting error when trying to enroll new tablet via QR code saying "maximum number of devices/users reached contact your Admin".

Answer: It seems you have reached the maximum limit for the number of licenses you have purchased. To apply on one more device, you need to purchase an additional license.

Question: Do you have monthly license plan?

Answer: No. We only have yearly plans.

Question: Can I reuse the current license from my old device on my new device? Is the license transferrable to another device if need be?

Answer: Yes it is transferable. All you need to do is, remove your existing license first from the old device and then apply it on your new device.

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