Set or Reset Password for Android Devices Remotely

Sometimes IT Admins may want to set or reset the password of a managed Android device. Scalefusion offers you a feature that lets you set the password of the device from Scalefusion Dashboard.

Although this feature is available for all devices, the feature works best on devices where Scalefusion is set as Device Owner (EMM Enrollment) and above Android 7.0.
Please note that this feature may not work on all devices due to the constraints of Android OS.


  1. Update Scalefusion Android client on your managed devices to v6.9.0 and above.

Follow the steps below to set or reset the password of a managed Android device,

  1. Sign In to Scalefusion Dashboard
  2. Navigate to the Devices page and click on the Device for which you want to reset the password.
  3. On the Device details screen, click on the Settings/Gear icon and select Reset Password
  4. On the Reset Password screen, enter a 4-digit password and click CONFIRM
    NOTE: On devices where you Reset Password from Dashboard, the Password Policy will not be enforced for as long as the Remove Password option is not used.
  5. This will send a command to the device and the device will attempt to reset the password. You can view the status of this on the Device Details page,
    1. PENDING: This indicates that the command is pending and will be applied when the device syncs with Dashboard again.
    2. SUCCESS: If Scalefusion client is able to change the password then the status is updated to success.
    3. FAILED: If Scalefusion client is not able to change the password then the status is updated to failed.
  6. To remove a password that was set earlier, you can use the Remove Password option from the Settings/Gear icon.
    The option to Remove Password will appear only if the password was set from Scalefusion Dashboard or a password policy was applied from Scalefusion.

If you still face any issues please contact at or send your feedback on this article itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: We have tried to reset the password but the reset password status shows Failed?

Answer: This might be the case if Scalefusion agent is not able to change the password. This can happen if the user has already set a password directly on device. Scalefusion makes a best case to change the password using the APIs available and hence this feature may not work in some cases.

Question: We have applied a Password Policy but the end user is not shown a prompt to change password?

Answer: Once you set a password from Dashboard, Scalefusion agent overrides the password policy pushed from Dashboard. To apply the password policy please use Remove Password option.

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