Scalefusion Oct 13th, 2021 Release Notes ๐Ÿ™Œ

Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard:ย v33.3.0

Release Notes:

  1. Scalefusion On-Premise Connector (OPC): We are happy to make our On-Premise connector public. With this connector, IT Admins can now connect Scalefusion to their On-Premise Active Directory and achieve the following,
    1. Enforce Dashboard Sign In via AD
    2. Enforce BYOD enrollments using AD credentials across platforms

To get started on setting up the Scalefusion On-Premise connector, please refer to our help guide here.

The Team:

  • Development:ย Chandra, Sanket, Shashank
  • QA:ย Abhishek, Preeti

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