Device On / Off Report

Device On/Off report gives device's power on and power off timings and other related information. Here, Power On refers to device switched on and Power Off refers to switched off.

The document explains how you can fetch Device On/Off report.


The Report is available for Android (OS 10 & above) and Windows (OS 10 & above) platforms.


  1. Devices should be enrolled with Scalefusion.
  2. For Windows, Scalefusion MDM Agent v7.0.8 or above should be installed on device.

How to access

  1. Navigate to Reports & Workflows > Reports and click on Device On/Off
  2. Select Filters to configure your report



Select Date

Select the date range. By default current date is selected

Select Group(s)

Lists those groups which have at least one device. Select Group(s) for which you need to generate report. It is mandatory to select group(s)

OS Type

Select the OS type for which you need to generate report. All OS types selected gives report for all OS.

Select Device(s)

Lists all Devices and the Devices available from selected Groups. Select device(s).

  1. Once field selections are done, click on Download Report. The report will be downloaded in CSV format based on the filters selected by the user.

Report Output

Following details related to device on/off are fetched in the downloaded CSV file:

  • Device Name
  • Group Name
  • Serial Number
  • IMEI Number
  • Date
  • Time: The time at which device was powered on or off
  • Event: Shows event whether the devices was on or off
  • Duration
  • User Name: The user who was logged in at the time of event.
  • User SID
    User Name and User SID are shown for Windows devices

Additional Features

  1. Sync Device Status - The admins can Sync Devices for the latest On/Off status. This can be done through Sync Device Status. On clicking Sync Device Status button, the selected devices status and sync time gets updated in 10-15 minutes.
  2. Schedule Report - You can also schedule your report by setting time and frequency. Email will be sent to selected user at set interval with link to download report. 

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