Zebra OTA Update & Patch Management - Configure Settings

The LifeGuard Over the Air (OTA) is a mechanism that delivers LifeGuard OS updates and security patches to Zebra devices. Scalefusion has integrated with Zebra Lifeguard OTA for managing Lifeguard OTA updates on all managed Zebra devices.

With this feature IT Admins can manage Updates at Device level and Group level on Scalefusion Dashboard.

In this two-document series, first part describes the configurations needed to be done for Update Management and the second one covers the view of it and actions that can be taken on the updates.

What kind of updates can be managed?

Scalefusion managed devices can detect and patch Software Updates on Zebra Devices.

Before You Begin

  1. Users should be subscribed to Legacy or Modern Enterprise Plan.
  2. Zebra Devices enrolled with Scalefusion.
  3. Zebra admin account credentials are required.

How does it work

  1. Configure Zebra for Scalefusion
  2. Based on the configurations, the backend queries and syncs the updates with the managed devices.
  3. Get a summarized view of the status of updates, device as well as updates wise and perform certain actions on them like sync, install, hide and also download CSV reports.

These are described in detail below

Configuring Settings for OTA Update Management

Global Level

Step 1: Configure your Scalefusion account with Zebra
  1. Login to Scalefusion dashboard and navigate to Update & Patch Management > Zebra on left panel
  2. Click on Configure
  3. A new browser window/tab will open. Enter your Zebra admin account credentials and Sign In.
  4. Confirm the activation code displayed on your device. Click Confirm.
  5. On the Request for Approval screen, click Allow
  6. You will get a confirmation that the device is authorized. This indicates that you can now configure update settings for Zebra devices.
  7. On Scalefusion Dashboard you will get a message for authorization successful. During configuration of your account with Zebra (Step #3 to #6), a loader for Authorization in progress will continue showing up up.
  8. Once setup is successfully configured, notice the following apps will appear on Scalefusion Dashboard under Application Management > Play for Work apps. These will get automatically published and installed on Zebra devices when enrolled with Scalefusion.
    1. Zebra Enrollment Manager
    2. Zebra Common Transport Layer
Step 2: Configure OS Update Settings
  1. On completion of configuration, OS Update Management > Zebra will reflect like this. Click on Edit Settings button on top.
  2. The OS Update Settings dialog box opens where you can configure global settings for syncing firmware updates. These are explained below:

a. Installation Window



Time window during which installation will be attempted.

Choose the Start Time and End Time from the drop-downs during which installation of updates will be attempted

Allow user to delay installation

By toggling this on, the installation of updates can be delayed.

Notification bar should be allowed in profile.

Maximum Duration Allowed for Delay of Installation

If you are allowing delay in installation, specify the time duration (in days) by which you want to allow installation to be delayed.

b. Battery Settings



Install only when device is charging

Toggling this setting to On will install the updates only when device is on charging.

Minimum Battery Level ( % ) for installation

Specify minimum battery level (in %) allowed for installation

At one time, user can either enable delay in installation or install when device is on charging.

  1. After configuring the settings, click Save

Profile Level

These settings can also be configured at device profile level which will apply to the devices with that profile.

The settings done at global level (from Update & Patch Management) get overridden once configured at profile level.

To configure Update settings at profile level:

  1. Navigate to Device Profiles & Policies > Device Profiles
  2. Create or Edit Android Device Profile on which updates have to be configured
  3. Go to OS Update Settings on the left panel
  4. The settings can be configured under Zebra tab after toggling on Override Global Update Settings

Now that configuration is done, you can view the status of updates on Dashboard and perform other actions. The next document explains it.

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