Setting up APNs in Scalefusion

To manage your iOS and Mac devices using Scalefusion, the first step is to upload an APNs certificate. This is required so that Scalefusion can remotely manage your iOS and Mac Devices. This process helps to establish mutual trust between Scalefusion and your Apple Account.

Before you Start

  1. You would need an Apple Id - Preferably the corporate or organization id that can be used to login at
  2. You would need a Scalefusion Account.

This step needs to be done only once and will help manage both your iOS and Mac Devices. However once setup, the certificate needs to be renewed every year.

Video Guide:

Please watch the video below to get a visual walkthrough.


Configuring APNs involves 4 easy steps,

  • Downloading a CSR (a file) from Scalefusion.
  • Upload the downloaded file to Apple Account.
  • Download a pem file that Apple provides.
  • Upload the pem file to Scalefusion dashboard.


Follow the below steps to complete APNs setup,

  1. Login to your Scalefusion Dashboard account at
  2. Navigate to Getting Started > Apple Setup once you are logged into Dashboard.
  3. Here you would see 3 sections, APNs, DEP & VPP, with default focus on APNs. Stay on this tab.
  4. On the APNs tab enter your organization name and the Apple Id that you plan to use. Click NEXT.
  5. Click on DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATE SIGNING REQUEST button. This will download a CertificateSigningRequest.plist to your computer. Click NEXT.
  6. Click SIGN-IN TO APPLE PORTAL button. A new tab will be opened and redirect you to Apple Push certificate portal -
  7. On the Apple portal, Sign-In with the Apple credentials.
  8. Once you are successfully signed in, you would see a page with a button to Create a Certificate. Click on that button.
  9. You will be shown a Terms & Conditions page. Please Read and Accept the terms.
  10. You will be shown a new page, where you can enter some “Notes” and “Choose File”. Enter some notes so that you can identify that it is Scalefusion Dashboard and click on Choose File and select the file that you downloaded in Step 5.
  11. Once you choose the file, the “Upload” button will get enabled. Click on Upload.
  12. Once the file is successfully uploaded, you should see a page with the “Download” button. Click on Download button. This will download a file “MDM_ ProMobi Technologies Private Limited_Certificate.pem” to your computer.
    On mac, if the downloaded file has .cer extension, try to rename it as .pem or navigate to Keychain > System Roots. Here, Look up for the .cer file and export it as .pem
  13. Now navigate back to Scalefusion Dashboard. You should be at the screen on Step 5. Click “NEXT”.
  14. In this final Step, either Drag and Drop the file that you downloaded at Step 12 or click on Browse Files and select the file that you downloaded in Step 12. Click “NEXT” to complete the Upload.

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