Enroll iOS devices using QR Code

QR Code or Device Enrolment Configurations are a quick and easy way to enrol your iOS devices. By creating a QR Code configuration, you can choose the default Group or Profile and a naming convention for the devices that are enrolled using this QR Code.

Additionally, these Configurations also provide you with an URL that can be used with Apple Configurator 2 or directly on Safari on the iOS device.

Before you Start

  1. Make sure you completed APNs upload part as per Setting Up APNs.
  2. Make sure you have at-least one Device Profile as per Create an Apple Device Profile.

Video Guide:

Please watch the video for a visual walkthrough on how to create a QR Code configuration.

Steps on MobiLock Dashoard

  1. Once you are logged into Dashboard, navigate to Device Enrollment > QR Code.
  2. Click on CREATE.
  3. This will open a Dialog where you need to do the following,
    1. Enter a Configuration Name.
    2. Choose either a Device Group OR an Android Profile OR an Apple Profile.
    3. Specify a Device Naming Convention that will be used to auto-generate device names.
  4. Enter a Configuration Name, choose the Apple Device Profile that we created an a naming conventions. Once you have entered the details in Step 3, click SAVE.
  5. Once the configuration is saved, it will appear in the list. A configuration has the following things,
    1. QR Code - That can be used to scan using the iOS Camera.
    2. Enrolment URL - That can be used with Apple Configurator 2.
  6. The additional actions on a Configuration are,
    1. Download - This will download the configuration file. This is Not Applicable for iOS devices.
    2. Email - This will send an email to your account with QR Code and the details on how to set up.
    3. Edit - Helps you in editing the Configuration. Note that editing won’t impact the devices that are already enrolled.
    4. Deactivate - If you no longer wish to use this configuration or think it is compromised, then you can deactivate the config.
    5. Rotate - If you think that the configuration is compromised, you can use this option. This will generate a new QR Code and URL. Note that the previous QR Code and URL will no longer be valid.

Steps on iOS Devices

Video Guide:

Please go through the video to see how to enrol a iOS device.

  1. Start by logging into Dashboard and navigate to Device Enrollment > QR Code.
  2. Expand the Configuration that you want to use so that you can see the QR Code.
  3. On the iOS Device launch the Camera app.
  4. Scan the QR Code using the Camera app.
  5. You would see Notification asking you to open Safari. Please click on the notification.
  6. Once Safari opens up, it will show you a dialog informing that the Settings app would be opened. Click on Allow.
  7. You will be shown a screen with the option to Install. Click on Install.
  8. The device will ask for a confirmation by asking you to click on install again. Click on Install.
  9. This will start enrolling the device, and if the initial checks pass, then you will be shown a warning page informing you that MobiLock would be remotely managing the device. Click on Install again.
  10. A dialog will be shown to confirm if you Trust this server. Click on Trust.
  11. This will start signing into the MobiLock and once completed you will see a screen with Done option.
  12. Clicking on Done will complete the flow and you should see the set of policies and applications that you had allowed in the Device Profile have been applied to the device.

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