Scalefusion January 19th 2021 Release Notes 🙌

Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard: v24.1.0

Release Notes:

DEVELOPER API Enhancement – API support for play for work apps

Enhanced Developer API to Publish play for work apps on managed devices and to manage apps. List of APIs to achieve this are as below.

  1. App Approve and Publish - "Apps Management - Google Play Apps” section
    1. Approve App - /api/v1/android/play_apps/{package}/approve.json
    2. Publish App - /api/v1/android/play_apps/{package}/publish.json
    3. App Publish status - /api/v1/android/play_apps/{package}/status.json
    4. Unpublish App - /api/v1/android/play_apps/{package}/unpublish.json
  2. App Configuration - “Apps Management - Google Play Apps Configurations” section
    1. Create Configuration - /api/v1/android/play_apps/{play_app_package}/configurations.json
    2. Publish Configuration - /api/v1/android/play_apps/{play_app_package}/configurations/{id}/publish.json
    3. Delete Configuration - /api/v1/android/play_apps/{play_app_package}/configurations/{id}.json

The Team:

  • Development: Ujwal
  • QA: Preeti

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