Enrollment Configurations for Linux Devices

Enrollment configurations help you generate enrollment URLs that can be used to enroll your devices. They are an easy way to automatically assign a profile or a group to the devices that are enrolled so that the devices are applied a policy right after enrollment.

Follow the steps below to generate an enrollment configuration to start enrolling your Linux devices.


  1. Create a Linux Device Profile
  2. Optionally you can also create a Device Group & associate a Linux device profile


  1. Navigate to Enrollment Configurations, click on QR Code configurations and click Create Config
You can also click on the 3 dots menu on an existing config and Edit the config.
  1. In the configuration wizard follow the steps below to create a configuration,
    1. Basic:
      1. Name: Enter a name for the configuration
      2. Choose Enrollment Type: Select Kiosk/Agent
      3. Choose Enrollment Method: Select Userless Enrollment
      4. Device Naming: Enter a Prefix, choose a naming convention and enter a suffix
        1. Serial no & Auto incremented numbers are the supported naming conventions
      5. Click Next
    2. Group/Profile
      1. Select the Group which has a Linux profile or the Linux profile
      2. Click Next > Next to reach the last tab as the Device configuration and Optional Settings tabs do not apply to Linux device management.
    3. Save: Click Save to save the configuration.
  2. Once a configuration is saved it appears in the list of configuration.
    1. Click on the Linux tab and copy the Enrollment URL
    2. You can also click on the 3 dots menu on the right hand side and perform the following actions,
      1. Email: Send a copy of enrollment instructions to your email or additional emails
      2. Edit: Edit the enrollment configuration. Note that any changes to the configuration does not impact the already enrolled device.
      3. Deactivate: Deactivate this config so that this URL can no longer be used.
      4. Rotate: Use this option to generate a new enrollment URL for this configuration. Once rotated the old enrollment URL will no longer work.

Next Steps

Once you have created an enrollment configuration, copy/email the enrollment URL and proceed to Enroll your Linux devices.

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