Overview of Android Device Management

Android based phones, tablets and rugged devices are probably the world's most popular and widely used mobile devices. They offer a wide variety of choices in terms of performance and affordability, and hence position themselves as a device of choice for both personal and corporate use.

MobiLock's offers enterprises of any size and scale, a powerful and intuitive device management option. MobiLock is a Google Android Enterprise approved solution partner for both Work Managed and Work Profile devices. It provides extensive support to manage your corporate-owned devices and also allows you to drive your BYOD strategy, allowing your employees to access corporate data and applications from their personal devices, in a completely safe and non-intrusive manner.

Follow the links and guides below to learn more on how you can use MobiLock to manage your corporate owned and/or personally owned devices.

Getting Started with Android in Enterprise

The first step to start managing your devices, either corporate owned or personal devices, is to enroll your organization and setup Android for Work in MobiLock. This will ensure that you can leverage the latest enterprise features offered by Android using MobiLock, like distributing applications from Google Play Store, pushing App configurations like Email or VPN configurations. 

If you are using Android devices with OS version less than 6.0, then you can use the legacy method of enrolling your devices and still control the corporate owned devices and you can jump to Manage Corporate Owned Devices section below. However managing employee owned devices requires a minimum if Android 6.0.

Manage Corporate Owned Devices

Corporate owned devices are the ones that are owned by an organization but given to employees or setup for unattended access. Their primary use-case to get complete control on the applications that an employee has access to or to make sure that there is only one application running. Combined with the application control, you might want to control a bunch of other settings so as to increase the productivity. Click here to learn on how to use MobiLock to manage your corporate owned devices.

Manage Employee/Personal Owned Devices (BYOD)

The smartphone market share has been increasing quarter on quarter and consumers now a days have a wide variety of choices. This means that your employees would most probably using a high-end smartphone of their own and hence they might not be receptive to the idea of carrying a second phone for work. In these scenarios it becomes imperative to let them use their personal phones to access work data, and not only making sure that the corporate data is safe and secure but also ensuring that the overall experience is completely non-intrusive to the personal side of things. Click here to learn on how to use MobiLock to manage employee/personal owned devices and drive your BYOD strategy.

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