MobiLock Content Management for iOS

MobiLock’s Content Management is a powerful feature that gives you the ability to push files and content to devices directly bypassing iCloud. They are stored in an encrypted format on the disk and most of the file types can be viewed without leaving MobiLock App.

MobiLock Content Management is paid add-on service that is free during trial. Post the trial additional licenses have to be purchased to use this feature.

Before You Begin

  1. Make sure that you have SetUp MobiLock Pro.
  2. Make sure that MobiLock’s Content Management is enabled for your account.

Video Guide:

Please watch the video below to get a visual walkthrough.


Uploading Content

  1. Login to MobiLock Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Content Management section.
  3. Click on ADD NEW button. Here you will be given two options,
    1. Add Files - This gives you the option to upload files to Dashboard which can then be Published to devices.
    2. Add Folder - This let’s you create Folder on Dashboard to which you can upload files. This folder can be published to devices.
  4. Choose Add Files. You will be shown a dialog to upload files. Either Drag/Drop the files or click on Upload to select multiple files.
  5. Please wait for the upload to finish. Once the Upload finishes these files will start appearing on your dashboard.

Publishing Content

  1. Login to MobiLock Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Content Management section.
  3. Click on the File that you might have uploaded earlier or Folder that you have created earlier.
  4. On the bottom you will see an Action Panel. If the file is not published yet you will see an option to publish.Click on PUBLISH
  5. When you click on publish you will see a dialog that will show you the device groups and devices available.
  6. Select the Device Groups OR Devices where you want to publish the file to and click on PUBLISH.
  7. Once the file/folder is published, clicking on the file/folder gives you an option to UNPUBLISH.
  8. On the Action Panel that is shown when you click on a File/Folder, there is additional information and options that are available. These are,
    1. Information related to the Type and Size of file.
    2. Information related to the Published status of the file
    3. Download the File - Click on Download icon to download the file to your machine.
    4. Select Actions > Move to Folder to move the file to a different folder.
    5. Select Actions > Copy to Folder to copy the file to a different folder.
    6. Select Actions > Delete to delete the file from Dashboard and from all the devices where it is published.

On the iOS Device

  1. Once you Publish the files on the device, then launching the MobiLock Pro App will show all the files in the FileDock section of the application.
  2. To sync files manually, pull to refresh the FileDock screen. This will fetch all the unsynced files.
  3. To open a file, click on the file and if it is a supported file format then it will be opened in a inline viewer. The supported file formats are, “.ppt”,”.docx”,”.xlsx”,”.mp4”,”.mov”,”.pdf”.

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