Device Renaming in Bulk

An additional action that can be performed on devices is renaming them in bulk thus saving the time of going to details and renaming each device separately. From Scalefusion Dashboard admins can rename the devices all in one go.

This document describes different ways how and from where all, bulk renaming of devices can be implemented from Dashboard.

Before You Begin

  1. Have a valid Scalefusion Dashboard account
  2. Devices should be enrolled with Scalefusion

From where can the devices be Renamed?

Bulk Renaming of Devices can be done from following places on Dashboard:

  1. Devices section: In Devices section, when you click on the three dots on the right side there is option to Rename Devices
  2. Actions Menu: In Devices section -> Actions menu
  3. Groups > Device Groups: In the Device Groups section, on Device Groups / Sub-Groups actions menu
    In all these cases, when you click on Rename Devices, the Rename Devices dialog box opens displaying the options through which you can rename devices. These are explained below.

Option 1: Rename using CSV file

Using this option you can download the list of enrolled devices as CSV file and then upload it again with the new names. Follow these steps:

If you are using this option from:
a. Actions menu, only the devices selected in the devices section will be downloaded in the CSV file and will be renamed.
b. Device Groups, the devices that are part of device groups / Sub groups will be downloaded in CSV file and will be renamed.
  1. In the Rename Devices dialog box, click on Rename using CSV file which will bring up a dialog box as shown below.
  2. Now click on Download CSV button. This downloads the CSV containing the IDs and current names for the devices. Add the new names under New Name column for each device and save this CSV file.
  3. Now that you have added new names, upload the new CSV again by clicking on Browse files, locate the file which you have saved and upload it.
  4. You will get a confirmation message that the CSV has been uploaded successfully and the new names of devices will get reflected in Devices section immediately.

Option 2: New Custom Rule

Using this option you can create rule for changing the device names like create rule to find a particular string or text and replace it with another or rule for identifying complete names and changing them. These when executed rename the devices in bulk as per rules defined. To define custom rule and execute it, follow these steps:

  1. In the Rename Devices dialog box, click on New Custom Rule which brings up following dialog box.
  2. In this configure rules to identify the devices names and rules for replacing them with new names.
Step 1: Configure Rule to Identify source Devices

Define the criteria to identify devices which have to be renamed.



Search Criteria

Following are the options to choose from:

  • Find & Replace (selected by default): Define rules to find a pattern for the device names and then replace those with new names.
  • Change Name: Choose this to provide a complete new name to the devices.

Include Devices

Select the devices (basically platforms) that have to be targeted for renaming devices.

Select Criteria

The devices are filtered based on the criteria selected here. Following are the options to choose from:

  • Contains (default option)
  • Matches
  • Starts With
  • Ends With

Find String

Provide the string that will be used to find pattern, with below options:

  • None
  • IMEI
  • Serial
  • Custom Fields (if any have been Defined)
  • Custom String : Selecting this enables the text box next to it for giving custom string
Note: If Search Criteria is Find and Replace, it is mandatory to select a Find String. You cannot select 'None'.

Step 2: Configure Rule for the New Device Name

Configure rules for renaming of devices by selecting at-least one replacement criteria from the following, which would be applied to change the name in conjunction with the rules defined for identifying source devices (Step 1 above):

  • Name Prefix: Configure rule to set a prefix for the device name
  • Name Convention: Configure rule to set a middle part for the device name
  • Name Suffix: Configure rule to set a suffix for the device name

For all the replacement criteria, following options are available to choose from

  • None (selected by default)
  • IMEI
  • Serial
  • Custom Fields (if any have been Defined)
  • Custom String: Selecting this enables the text box next to it
    Note: It is mandatory to select at least one replacement criteria
For custom fields, if at the time of executing the rule a device does not have custom field value then its name is not changed at all.

Step 3: Enter a Rule Name to save

Here, you can provide a name to this rule so that it can be used later. With this the rule gets saved and is available under Saved Rules section (explained in later section).

  1. Once rules are configured, click on one of the following:
  • Run Now: The rule gets executed and devices are renamed with immediate effect
  • Run Now & Save: The rule is executed and devices are renamed with immediate effect. In addition, this rule gets saved so that it can be used later. It is visible in the Saved Rules section from where it can be applied for renaming of other devices later.
  • Cancel: Cancels the process of renaming of devices using the given rules

For an example, if you have defined a rule with following criteria:

Step 1: Criteria to find source Devices



Search Criteria

Find & Replace

Include Devices

All Devices

Find Criteria


Find String

Custom Pattern: Windows

Step 2: Rule to Replace Names



Name Prefix

Custom Pattern: Win

Name Convention


Name Suffix



The devices (all platforms) where their names match with the string "Windows", shall be replaced with the prefix "Win"

Saved Rules

If you have saved a new custom rule (using Run Now & Save), the same appears in the Saved Rules section. All you need is to just select the previously saved rule and execute it. This will help the same renaming strategy being used always.

Using Saved Rules
  1. In the Rename Devices dialog box, click on Saved Rules (The last one in the Rename devices dialog box)
  2. This brings up a dialog box listing all the Saved rules
  3. Click on the icon Run Now on the right side of the rule name to execute it.
    Clicking on Delete icon deletes the saved rule
  4. A window (in read-only mode) comes up showing the details of the rule defined. Click on Run Now button to apply the rule.

The devices will be renamed.

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