Scalefusion February 9th 2021 Release Notes ๐Ÿ™Œ

Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard:ย v25.5.0

Release Notes:

  1. Data Usage Compliance Workflow Enhancement: Enhanced data usage compliance workflow for Switching Profile based on Data Usage. Now Admin can set profile that is set restrictions on managed devices based on data usage limit. Refer help doc for more details.
  2. DEVELOPER API Enhancement: Scalefusion now allows to fetch below managed devices information using APIs for integration with external apps/systems.
    1. Screen Time Usages API: Allows to get screen time usage information like Application usage, Device usage for integration.
    2. Data Usages API - Allows to get device and app data usages that is wifi and mobile data usage based on devices and apps.
    3. Device Availabilities API - Allows to get devices availability data for integration.
    4. FileDocks APIs - APIs to fetch Filedock /Content management data like file usages, file downloads, failed downloads and presentation analytics information.
    5. Geofence Logs API- Allows to fetch Geofence logs data.

    The Team:

    • Development:ย Prashant, Ujwal
    • QA:ย Preeti, Priyanka

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