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Oneteam makes any organization's team communication easy, simple, accessible, and secure. With features like instant messaging, calling and group chats under Oneteam, organizations can easily bring their non-desk employees together making team communication and team collaboration more effective.

To get access to Oneteam, first sign up your organization on Oneteam application as Super Admin. Then Super Admin adds team members to the organization he created. Members can be added via the Users section.

Only the users who are added to Oneteam have access to Oneteam application on the Web or on devices.

This document describes how users can be added to Oneteam.

Before You Begin

  1. You should be signed up on Oneteam as Super Admin.

Adding Users

Method 1: Add User

To add other members to Oneteam, follow these steps:

  1. Visit and login with your account.
  2. Navigate to the Users tab on the left panel.
  3. Click on ADD USER drop-down on the top right and click Add User
  4. This opens the Add User dialog box. Here, enter the user details.
  • Name: First name of the user
  • Last Name: Last name of the user
  • Email address: User's email address
  • Job Title: Set the designation/business title of the user
  • Department: Set the department to which the user belongs
  • Location: Set the location where the user is working from
  1. If you want to add more than one user, click on the ADD MORE button. From the dashboard, you can add a maximum of 5 users at a time.
  2. Log-In using Mobile Number: Enable this if the user has to log in from the device. Log-In using Mobile Number can be enabled only when you enter a valid phone number in the Phone field.
    Email address is not mandatory. For each user, Super Admins can either add a mobile number or email address.
  3. After entering all details, click DONE
  4. The users will receive an Invite email on the email ID given by the Admin. They need to click on the “Verify email” link or directly log in on the oneteam application.
  5. Once verified, the user(s)/members get added to Oneteam. They are displayed in the Users list.
    Any user that super admin adds, gets the role of “oneteam user” by default. The role can be changed via Edit.

Method 2: Upload CSV

There is another way of adding users to Oneteam in bulk, through Upload CSV.

  1. Under Add User, click on Upload CSV
  2. This opens a new dialog box. Drag & Drop the CSV file that contains the list of users or browses for it on your system and click UPLOAD.
    You can download Sample CSV to understand the headings under which user details have to be added
  3. You will get a confirmation box with the list of users successfully added. Click DONE and the users will get added to Oneteam, displaying in the list of users.

Actions on Users

The following additional actions can be performed over a user's account:

  1. Edit
  2. Delete
  1. Edit - In the Edit window, you can perform these actions:
    1. Change First Name, Last Name, Email address, Job Title, Department, Location
    2. Enable/Disable Log-In Using Mobile Number
    3. Change Role - The roles available are:
      1. Oneteam Super Admin,
      2. Oneteam Channels Admin
      3. Oneteam User
    4. Reporting To - Set the user's reporting manager
    5. De-activate User
      • Oneteam Super Admin,
      • Oneteam Channels Admin,
      • Oneteam User

  1. Delete - Deletes the user permanently from the Oneteam application.


Through the Settings section you can modify your account settings. To access the Settings section, click on the Settings button on the left bar.

Action Settings - Enable/Disable the actions you can perform on messages (shown in the screenshot below)

Media Settings - Set the maximum media file size (in MB) that you want to allow in messages. It cannot be above 50MB.

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